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ITF Master Class, Nepal
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A very Successful One Day Master Class By Master Yogi Chand, Nepal

Date: 24th September 2018

Taekwondo ITF Nepal one Day Master Class was delivered by Master Yogi Chand on behalf of Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, Vice President of ITF.

At 2:00am on September  20th Thursday Master Chand  arrived to a warm welcome by Laxman Basnet (President  of Taekwondo ITF Nepal) and some of his members, and Mr Radhakrishnan, President, Federation of Indian Taekwondo in Kathmandu Airport.

After couple of hour rest, the Master Class was held from 10am to 12noon.  Master Chand concentrated on ITF fundamental movements, technique development of ITF Tuls from Chon-Ji to Chung Moo.  102 participants from Singapore, Netherlands, India and Nepal attended.  Participants were divided by colour belt and black belts.

All participants loved it, and learned so much from Master Chand''''s vast technical knowledge and experience as well as his unique ability to communicate with all ages and nationalities, blending serious technical information with fun activities and demonstrations of application.

In the afternoon session, Master Chand again focussed on ITF Tuls and then three step and two step sparring techniques until 4pm for colour belts and 6pm for all Black belts.

At the completion of the seminars Master Chand presented Certificates to all participants and gave a very motivating and inspirational speech for the all participants.

Mr. Laxman Basnet also gave very special thanks to Master Chand, Mr.Radhakrishnan President  of Indian Taekwondo Federation, Mr D.V.V Prasad, General Secretary Taekwondo Association of India, participants from Singapore, Netherlands and as well as Nepal.

During this event all participants from Nepal and abroad had a wonderful experience, making new friendships, renewing old ones and most of all enjoying Taekwondo in its truest form.

They all are impressed by hotel, food and fresh environment of venue.

 ITF Nepal issued an invitation to Master Chand to return next year and it is hope that participants from more countries will take the chance to come and experience Nepal and its culture, as well as Taekwondo.

Thank you for the kind and generous support of Master Chand and Grand Master Trevor Nicholls and all others who supported for these excellent events.


Written by: Taekwondo ITF Nepal

Written by: Taekwondo ITF Nepal - 24th September 2018

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