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ITF Master Class, Bangalore - India
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On the 27th of December 2017, Federation of Indian Taekwon-Do had organised the Master Class seminar in Gundurao stadium Bangalore-South India.

We were privileged that UK ITF has honoured us by sending Master Yogi Chand 7th Dan, to conduct this Master Class for India''''s ITF TKD members and students.  Further we are also obliged that this program was sponsored by ITF.


Master Yogi Chand arrived Bangalore on the 27th at 11:30am, welcomed and escorted directly to the Master Class training venue.  The Master Class was attended by participants from various states of India. We had 45 participants for the Master Class (35 Black Belts & 10 Colour belts).


The Master Class seminar was indeed a memorable day for each one of us. Master Yogi Chand shared his valuable knowledge and expertise in teaching the minor and major aspects relating to Taekwon-Do training. He emphasized largely on the Tuls and correctness of movements and techniques. He also gave his valuable guidance and advice to the participants for improvement in their umpire skills. After the seminar he imparted special training and advice to the instructors present.


The simple to understand and effective training method of Master Chad has not only elevated the confidence level of the participants but has also motivated them highly.  Master Chand''''s visit was indeed a blessing for us.


On 28th morning by 11.30 we could start Tul competition and 2nd half junior girls sparring completed and Master Yogi Chand advised following the UK ITF model competition and also he promised to get the necessary competition items from ITF UK.  Master Yogi Chand left same night to return to the UK.


On 29th rest of all section Tul and Sparring completed with smoothly. We made an additional category for the benefit of students so that 90% people got the medals. Total 200 students participated in Tuls as well as sparring.


I, on behalf of Federation Of India Taekwon-Do family would like to express my very sincere gratitude to ITF, GM Nicholls, Master David Lau and Master Yogi Chand for the kindness and support to enable this event to happen.

Thank you once again.


Radhakrishnan PR.
President-Federation of Indian TKD

Written by: Federation of Indian Taekwon-Do - 26th April 2018

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