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Clarification on ITF Taekwon-Do in Ethiopia
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Clarification on ITF Taekwon-Do in Ethiopia

Whilst in Poland in February 2018, Master Kiros, President of Ethiopia ITF, met with Masters of other ITF groups, causing some confusion in regard to his status and that of our association.

The Ethiopian ITF Taekwondo and President Kiros would like to clarify that their organisation is a member of the ITF under the Presidency of Choi Jung Hwa, son of the Founder GM Choi.  Master Kiros long since founded of Ethiopian ITF Taekwondo and he is in good standing with ITF Choi Jung Hwa Grand Masters and Masters. 

Master Kiros owns a sport goods import company which involves his travelling to many countries in the line of business and contacts made with the wider martial art family in the course of this business sometimes generate invitations to participate in other martial arts events.  Business courtesy, rather than purposely planned attendance, has caused a misunderstanding of loyalty in February of this year.  Ethiopia ITF Taekwondo would like to reiterate that the organisation, and Master Kiros, remain loyal members of ITF Choi Jung Hwa, and nothing has happened to sway their membership status.


Mr Daniel Eshetu

Secretary General 

Written by: Ethiopia ITF Taekwondo - 4th April 2018

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