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Taekwon-do Twins from Elite TaeKwon-Do Academy, Penang
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They are Jesline Tang Chia Ling and Vivien Tang Chia Yen from Elite TaeKwon-Do Academy, Penang, twins practising Taekwon-do since 13 years old. Under the guidance of Madam Sharon Chan, they achieved their 1st dan when they were 16.

Being born in the family as twins, they play together, learn together and grow up together. They share the same characteristics and developed the same interest ITF Taekwon-do. Through their training, they could learn from each other and to fill up their deficiencies. They are not only twins, but also like-minded friends, mates and confidants who always encourage each other. Now Jesline is the general officer of the Taekwon-do club in school while Vivien is the financial secretary. They have been doing a very good job and working very hard to promote ITF Taekwon-do in school.

They are not active students, but they are very loyal;

They are not perfect, but they are diligent;

They are not full of talent, but they try their best to perform every single task.

They are only one of the numerous examples of the great success of ITF Taekwon-do in Penang, and only one of the numerous evidences of the great work done by Madam Sharon in the past years. It is never an easy task to handle such an academy with this kind of scale, but Madam Sharon had done her very best to achieve it. As an experienced Instructor, she always works closely with other MOs in Malaysia and seizes every chance to host different Taekwon-do related activities so as to help the development of Taekwon-do in Penang, and even in Malaysia. She also got the continuous guidance and support from Master David Lau, the Master Instructor of Malaysia, so as to build up a reputable and notable Taekwon-do environment in Penang. There are increasing numbers of students coming from different regions in joining her Academy. Thanks to her great works and efforts, ITF Taekwon-do in Penang has been growing and developing very fast in these few years.

There may still be lots of concerns and challenges in the coming future, but we have no doubt on the capability of Madam Sharon and all other MOs in Malaysia in attaining tomorrows success. We are sure that our next generation will be nurtured in this healthy environment and they will help to develop ITF Taekwon-do all over the world.

Written by: Sharon Chan - 20th November 2013

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