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Senior Seminar in Germany
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 Senior Seminar in Germany

Questions, get answers and to pratice it in a lot. So the inviation has been and we did it this way.
Altough Master Choi had to cancel his attandence due problems with his passport and the canadian gouvernment we had an exciting seminar.
Master Nicholls, Secretary General of the ITF and Master Parm Rai, Chairman of the Technical Comittee of the ITF has been there to conduct the Seminar. And a lot of Seniors followed the invitation.

On the first day we went through Techniques from the pattern Tong Il, So San, Ul Ji and Yong Gae and praticed the pattern also.
A lot of questions came out but ALL were answered.
Thanks to Master Nicholls and Master Rai.

The second day went through the same but we we did Color Belts and Junior Black Belt Pattern.
Also, the students could and did ask questions not only in relation with those patterns.
And all questions got an answer.

We studied Movements, Techniques and there application and meanings has been explained.
An excellent second day.

The third was under the motto: Modellsparring

Master Rai und one of his student demonstrated how to execute it.

Who did it never or has done it not for a longer time cannot imagine how complex, mental demanding and physical exhausting this is. But it is also a great part of Taekwon-Do which none of the participants would miss ever. We all had great fun.

At the end of the it has been announced that there is a revised version of the enzyclopedia in progress.
Also that two Senior Instructors has been recommended as the asisstant of Master Rai in the Technical Comittee.

Furthermore we want to congratulate the tested students for the first, second and fifth degree.

We want to express our thanks to Master Nicholls and Master Rai for a unique Seminar and to all participants also.

Olaf Braemer

Written by: Anastasia Alexandridou - 2nd October 2013

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