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Happy Birthday Master Lau
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We have the honor to have our mysterious guests and friends coming from different countries including Instructors Andy Low and Alvin Wong from Malaysia, and Instructor Andrew Kung from Australia. Surely they had given a great surprise to Master Lau.


Our training started at 3:00 with several degree certificates being presented to our members. Thereafter Master Lau gave us a meaningful speech and reminded us to be responsible to ourselves as a black belt of the ITF. He pointed out the spirit of Taekwon-Do and emphasized the importance of Courtesy, which is the basic which we must never forget, no matter we are a color belt or a black belt. He also urged that we should always strengthen our skills as well as knowledge of the ITF in order to develop ourselves in an all-round manner.


During the training we bought a birthday cake for Master Lau to celebrate his birthday. We sang birthday songs together and enjoyed the cake while watching demonstrations from different Instructors. We were all shocked by the excellent performance of Instructor Alvin Wong and we have learnt a lot from all the seniors.


The day ended with a birthday dinner with our coaches and friends. It was such a warm and delightful day for all of us.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thank you to our Master David Lau for his selfless contribution to the ITF and all of us. There is a Chinese saying "Love well, whip well", which we would use to describe him. Because of his love, he always harshly blame for our mistakes and errors. Because of his care, he can remember the name, personality, level and attitude of every single member in the Council. He acts like our father, taking good care of us. He acts like the ITF tree, covering and protecting us, and stewing the seeds of ITF, passing on to the next generations.


We may not be mature enough today but we are learning to be. We are not perfect now but we are aiming at it. We might have done many things wrong but we are sure that there is one thing correct - we have chosen and we are following a great Master!


Thank you very much and, again, Happy Birthday Master Lau!


Written by: Kaki Chan 3rd September 2013


Written by: ITF Administration - 8th September 2013

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