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Seminar GM Choi Jung Hwa, a great success
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With nearly 130 participants from 11 different countries, the training facility at the Dorint hotel at Schiphol was filled with a good atmosphere. After months of preparation by the organizing INO''''s namely the ITF Royal Dutch, the UK ITF and Taekwon-Do Deutschland they proudly received GM Choi.

It was also a great honour to welcome 8 Masters in the Netherlands in addition to GM Choi Jung Hwa.   Besides ITF Royal Dutch vice president, Master Steve Zondag, 7th degree were present:

Master Trevor Nicholls 8th degree, England
Master Antonio Troiano 8th degree, Italy
Master Norman Creedon 8th degree, Ireland Master Gary Gassor 7th degree, Wales
Master Matiullah Karwandgar 7th degree, Slovakia
Master Tarcisio Martella 7th degree, Italy
Master Wijnand Tapilatu 7th degree, Netherlands

A unique number of 31 Taekwondoins from 4th , 5thand 6th dan were present among the degree holders. All in all a dojang completely filled with degree holders who made the day full of good spirit with their enthusiasm, motivation and studiousness.

At 10:00 am the seven hours long Master Class began focusing on Taekwondoins from first degree and then upwards. Recently, within the ITF much attention is focused on how to best generate as much power as possible and how to apply this within your technique. Besides the number of general elements there was also a lot of attention to the moral aspect of the human in relation with Taekwon-Do.

Society is increasingly commercial and competitive. Many practitioners see the time between degrees literally as waiting time. But they forget that it is actually development time. Both physically and mentally you must give yourself time to the motoric, cognitive and social-affective aspects of Taekwon-Do to improve and make it your own. Learning to deal with the philosophical value and the tenets or goals takes time. Once your ''''waiting-time'''' is over, it is not an indication that you are ready, that will be different per person. Respect each individual for that and not least, show yourself respect.

At the end of the morning authors Sabum Paul van Beersum Sabum Willem Jansen presented to GM Choi Jung Hwa the recently published English edition of the book "The Way of Success". He was also presented the Dutch edition. GM Choi responded very enthusiastically over both books and found them a beautiful and professional accomplishment.

After the collective lunch offered by the organization, there was an authentic demonstration given by swordsman Dr.Choi, founder of the Korean Institute for Martial Arts and lecturer at Leiden University. At the request of GM Choi, everyone was invited for the group photo. Everybody then went on with the section of Patterns, under the watchful eye of GM Choi Jung Hwa and his always informative explanation.  

The day ended with a word of thanks from GM Choi to Master Zondag, his wife Ella and the organization of the seminar and vice versa with a word of thanks to everyone from Master Zondag. Afterwards there was an extensive photo session, participants could also receive a signature of the Grand Master and the ITF certificates were handed out.

At 20.00 PM, this remarkable day ended with a dinner where 75 people were present. It was a cosy and especially friendly evening and there was another possibility for a photo with GM Choi. During some lunches, dinners and leisure time we as the board and the seminar organization hade some fine, very pleasant and informative talks with GM Choi, for which we are very grateful. Also our trip on Sunday with GM Choi to sunny Zandvoort was very warm, cosy and very relaxing!We are very grateful to GM Choi Jung Hwa for coming to the Netherlands and hope to see him back soon. We are also very pleased with the fine and friendly support of Master Nicholls and Sabum Olaf Braemer. Our sincere thanks to you both!

Again we want to kindly thank all the participants for their presence and their respect for GM Choi, and certainly for all participating foreign guests, who made the big effort to travel to the Netherlands.


Written by: Ella Zondag and Paul van Beersum - 11th April 2012
[Comments: 1]

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Very well written and very informative article, really sorry I could not be there this year,
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