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The first ever junior Taekwon-Do tournament was held on the eighteenth of March on a morning holding much promise for the day ahead. Once all of the competitors had arrived and changed into their doboks, everyone formed up to hear words of welcome and encouragement from the guest speakers and the president of ITF in Taiwan, Horacio Daniel Obon.


After the introductions had fished, The seniors performed a demonstration for the juniors and parents which was organized by Carlos Machado to show all aspects of ITF and encourage the juniors to practice hard. Toi Gye was a crisp display of team patterns. Next, ITF tournament sparring. Then, prearranged sparring. Then a junior valiantly defended his Father in a street self-defense scenario of a mugger (Carlos Machado) assaulting him, and ending with a well executed maneuver. Then another excellent self-defense demonstration showing ITF in a female-male harassment scenario. Last were excellent destructions of boards and tiles using all manner of techniques.


All of the competitors performed their patterns very well, and showed excellent spirit in their first competition. Their energy was carried on into their sparring as all children showed what they had learned with great enthusiasm. All children showed a good range of techniques and etiquette towards their opponents. The specialty event brought the greatest reaction from audience and competitors alike. The heights which were reached put everyone in awe of just what children are able to do.


This event is a great start to furthering ITF in Taiwan. The more events we can hold, the wider we can make ITF known in a country which is dominated by WTF. With a great turnout of children, we can see a beautiful future which can be nurtured from infancy to adulthood as a new and exciting art in a new country.


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Written by: Russell Stuart - 3rd April 2012
[Comments: 1]

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NAJMUDDIN SAFI (Afghan Taekwon-Do Association) : 5th April 2012, 05:48

Well done!!
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