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On 12 February 2012 was held the ITF SLOVAK OPEN 2012 in Slovakia, Bratislava. The competition featured over 230 students from 15 different clubs from Slovakia, Austria, Czech republic, Kosovo and Afghanistan.  

The organiser of this tournament, Master Matiullah Karwandgar, VII Degree, welcomed everyone on this very cold day with full of energy and happiness to see the large number of students who attended the event.  

After opening ceremony and refree and coach meeting started at 8.00 a.m. in 3 rings the youngest competitors with TUL competition. Then followed MATSOGI, WI RYOK and T-KI contest. Teams could compete in MATSOGI andTUL.  

This tournament finished at 9.00 p.m. with the closing ceremony. ITF TAEKWON-DO SLOVAKIA was the absolut winner of this tournament.The second place went to Czech taekwon-do union ITF Brno and Czech taekwon-do asociation ITF ranked the third place.

I would like to thank all competitors, coaches and refrees who helped make this event such as success. Special thanks for their support to Mr. N. M. Karwandgar, V.Degree, president of Austria taekwon-do federation, Mr.H.M. Karwandgar, V.Degree and Z.M. Karwandgar, V.Degree, vicepresidents of Austria taekwon-do federation, Mr. F. Macek,IV Degree, president of Czech taekwon-do asociation ITF, Mr. L.Machan, V Degree, coach of Czech taekwon-do union ITF Brno and Mr. I. Kiko, II Degree, coach of UK ITF Nitra.  

Congratulations to all who won and I look forward to next years tournament.  


Written by: Mr. Brian Lurie - 5th March 2012
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

MAURIZIO TROIANO (ITF Taekwon-Do ITALIA) : 27th March 2012, 13:15
NAJMUDDIN SAFI (Afghan Taekwon-Do Association) : 6th March 2012, 04:31

Congrats to Master Sahib Karwandgar. Nice to see the name of Afghanistan in the list of the participant countries.

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