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1st Master class Seminar,1st International Invitational & 2nd National TaeKwon-Do Championship-2011,INDIA
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1st International Invitational & 2nd National TaeKwon-Do Championship INDIA

It is great pleasure to inform every TaeKwon-Do people that we Federation of Indian Taekwon-Do organized this event with great success.

On 27th morning 9 oclock we began the 1st Indian Master class Seminar by Master Parm Rai 7th Dan and Master Rai was introduced to all students, Parents, and audience. And explained the importance of seminar to the students & parents. The focus of the seminar was in TrainingTulls.

As we need more seminars in coming days, Master Rai has agreed to come every year. About 30 black belts & 7 color belt has under gone the seminar. India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Iran where also part of the seminar.

28th December 2011

1st international invitational & 2nd Indian national TaeKwon-Do championship was formally inaugurated by the Honorable Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao. Master Parm Rai delivered a speech about Taekwon Do and also enlightened the message of Grand Master Chai Jung Hwa.

Mr. Radhakrishnan was given the official flag of Taekwon Do by master Rai which was sent from Canada by Grand Master, following our honorable chief guest Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao spoke about taekwon do, later the event was started off by lighting the lamp by the honorable chief guest and master Parm Rai and otherguest.

Later the tournament was started off with the juniors championship then continued with lunch till 2pm then was continued again with the juniors championship which was concluded at 8pm where the winner where awarded with medals and certificates.

29th December 2011
The following day the tournament was started offwith 13kg, 18kg and 18kg above category which went on up to 1pm continued by lunch later the tournament was started off with black belt category with international participation countries like Iran and Bangladesh, Mr.Laxman basnet from Nepal assisted us in referring and jury . The whole tournament was conducted under the guidance of Master Parm Rai were he gave us ideas and knowledge for the coming tournaments and seminars to be conducted.

The tournament was later followed by the black belt test which started at 4pm, about Eleven 1st dan and one 2nd dan where undergone the black belt grading which wascarried out in the presence ofparents and audience. The tournament was concluded with the results, followed by a grand dinner for the students and parents who were part of the tournament.

30th December 2011

A farewell party was given to Master Parm Rai, Instructors and all other representative of different countries and states who werepart of the tournament by Federation of IndianTaekwon-Do . Radhakrishnan.P.R, President. Federation of Indian TaeKwon-Do (INO-377)

Written by: Radha krishnan P.R - 6th January 2012

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