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Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, president of the International Taekwon-do Federation, visited Ireland recently to instruct an International Instructors Course.  This prestigious event was held at the Mardyke Arena at UCC in Cork, and was hosted by Independent National Organisation, ITF Eireann (INO 300).  Grandmaster Choi was assisted by the president of ITF Eireann, Master Robert Wheatly.

Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa was accompanied by several well-known ITF Masters: M. Antonio Troiano, M. Norman Creedon, M. Robert Wheatley, M. Trevor Nicholls, M. Pierpaola Lecca, M. Tarcisio Martella, M. Steve Zondag .  100 Taekwon-doists converged from France, Holland, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, and Ireland, all eager for the opportunity to train under the son of the Father of Taekwon-do.
The course began on Friday evening with a vigoruous warm-up and kicking drills.  Then the class moved on to practicing basic Taekwon-do techniques while focusing on generating devestating power into every movement.  Grandmaster Choi was watchful of the use of hip-twist, or torq when executing each technique.  He reminded participants that they must fully understand the theory of power by the constant repitition of even the most basic of techniques.

On Saturday morning participants gathered again for another 6 hours of training, beginning with stretching exercises and kicking drills.  Students progressed to the practice of color-belt patterns, again focusing on the generation of power through sine-wave, reminding students that they must throw their mass and momentum into every technique.  Grandmaster Choi again lauded the value of repitition and asked everyone to remember that, When you know one thing through and through, then you know everything.

Sunday was the final day of training, and the class moved on to practicing Black Belt patterns.  Grandmaster Choi took the time to answer many questions from the students about technique and breathing.  He made it clear that all techniques must be made powerful and effective before the practitioner should focus on making them attractive and elegant.
ITF Eireann is honored to be the Irish National Organisation under Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.  This visit was a wonderful opportunity to study the values and theory of true ITF Taekwon-do, and to continue the quality development of ITFs Black belt Instructors throughout Europe.  More information can be found at our website:

Written by: - 12th October 2011
[Comments: 3]

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Article Feedback:

David Lonergan (Taekwon-Do Alliance Ireland) : 27th October 2011, 22:53
Chee Meng Chong (427 ITF Malaysia) : 20th October 2011, 09:32

Bernadette Doyle (Irish International Taekwon Do Federation) : 13th October 2011, 08:44

Thank you to ITF Eireann for giving us the opportunity to train with Master Choi and the other Masters. It was a well organised event with a great venue.
Michael Cude (Dragon Taekwon-Do Wales MO) : 12th October 2011, 18:30

It was a fantastic event, superbly organised and I thank ITF Eireann for the opportunity to attend and learn from GM Choi and the other Masters in such a warm and friendly atmosphere.
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