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8th Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational 2011
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Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational 2011

The Magua Taekwon-Do hosted the 8th TSA invitational tournament on Saturday the 26th of March 2011 at the Mandeville stadium in Bez Valley, Johannesburg South Africa. Head instructors Norman (V) and Denis Magua (IV) were the directors on the day.  The competition began with an opening ceremony where the competitors and guests were welcomed. The fact that events of this nature must be looked at as building blocks for improvement was also explained.

After a short umpire meeting the tournament commenced and included the Tiger (young kids from 5 to 12), junior ( 13 to 17) and senior (18up) divisions. Patterns, sparring, board breaking and special high breaking  formed the format for the competition.

The day saw a fantastic standard and as always also highlighted areas of improvement  to be worked on, some great heart and spirit were also displayed. All of the competitors made their instructors proud. The event ran smoothly with thanks to the hard work of the umpires, corner judges, assistants and those in charge of the food.

After the colour belt events were finished, the already tired black belts from helping all day, showed what commitment is and put on a great show of skill while competing with each other. This was also one of the preparation tournaments for the team planning to attend the the up-coming world championships next year in Canada.

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Written by: TSA Reporter - 13th April 2011

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