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2ND All Hong Kong Inter-school ITF-TKD championship
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The 2ND All Hmong Kong Inter-school ITF-TKD championship was held on 5Th April 2011.
Organised by the Hong Kong Original TKD Council lead by Master David Lau VII Dan.
This year ,With a total of 208 competitors attended the event, over 50 primary and secondary schools participated as well as 3 universities Including competitors from China region.
With the generous sponsors this year,we were able to reduced the entry fees for all participants as well as gift vouchers,sport bags and high quality medals and trophies to presented to all the winning competitors.
The HKTKDC is proud to host this event in the second year with the assistant of all INO and MOs of Hong Kong ITF, all members coordinating closely together made the event such huge success and would like to thank the following members:
  • INO334-The Dantes TKD Group- Master Dantes Poon VII Dan
  • MO356-The Hojung TKD Group- Mr,Chi Wai Chan VI Dan
  • MO360-The TinShuiWai TKD Group- Mr.Raymond Cheung VI Dan
  • MO369-The ShingWu TKD Group- Mr.Windy Yu V Dan
  • MO385-The Sharon TKD Group- Mr.Thomas Yee VI Dan.
  • MO386-The Derek''''s Fist Sport TKD Group- Mr.Derek Ma V Dan
  • MO387-The IanBru TKD Group- Mr.Ian Bruton IV Dan
  • MO410-The Pure TKD Group- Mr.Dennis Wu IV Dan.
  • MO389 The Bruce Ho TKD group-China- Mr.Bruce Ho V Dan.
Above all, we would like to thank Master David Lau for his endless support and guidance of the HKTKDC over the years, without him there would not be such a strong organisation in Hong Kong.
We look forward on seeing everyone again next year.

Written by: The Hong Kong Original TKD Council - 11th April 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Elena Ilieva (Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do) : 13th April 2011, 09:01
Wen Xiang Liew (427 ITF Malaysia) : 12th April 2011, 10:00

It was a very successful event organized by HKTKDC with all the INO/MO.

MO #427 Zest Martial Arts Academy
Chee Meng Chong (427 ITF Malaysia) : 12th April 2011, 09:45

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