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Dear All,
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru has conducted its third Cup LOS DELFINES in the Inca city of Pachacamac (South of Peru) on the 19th February 2011. 
The championship was organized Los Delfines  Taekwon Do Association under the leadership of Mr. Manuel Aivila Arias and the help of the instructors Carlessi Cotrina and Rodolfo Morante Wan.
I take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, and all the other board members, juries, judges and referees to make this championship a grand success and a truly memorable one.For us it is an enormous pleasure to work inside the ITF of the Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa
Our next event is on 10th July 2011. LIMA-PERU  Master Parm Rai-Seminar
Juan Ramos Travi 
Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru

Written by: Juan Travi - 26th February 2011

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