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Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Federation of Indian Taekwon Do has conducted its first ever National Championship at Orissa on the 27th to 29th December 2010.  Although we have conducted several

championships from 1988, this is the first under the leadership of GMaster Choi Jung Wha and our New Beginning.

The championship was organized by Orissa State Taekwon Do Association under the leadership of Mr. Manoranjan Patra and Mrs. Sunandha Jeena.  Around 200 participants from 10 different states participated in this tournament.  The tournament was inaugurated by the mayor of the city (Bhubaneshwar).  The championship started  at 10 a.m with the under 13yers boys and girls TUL competition followed by below and above 18 male and female, which were keenly contested.  The sparring competitions started at 3 oclock with the under 13 boys and girls till the 29th December 2010.  The championship was concluded on the 29th December at 6:30 p.m. with the price distribution followed by entertainment programs.

Orissa State emerged as the overall winners.

Although the level of competition was fairly good, there is scope for improvement.  We are sure with relentless training and hard work and with the help and guidance of ITF, we will be able to improve our standards in the coming years.

I take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, and all the other board members, juries, judges and referees to make this championship a grand success and a truly memorable one. 

Radhakrishnan P.R


Federation of Indian Taekwondo

Written by: Radhakrishnan P.R - 4th January 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Saurabh Dakwale (United States ITF) : 8th January 2011, 00:16

As a Maharashtrian living in the USA I've been waiting for this for a long time! Congrats sir! Very excited to see ITF in India flourish.
Bernadette Doyle (Irish International Taekwon Do Federation) : 5th January 2011, 11:46

Well done Sir!
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