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1st ITF Seminar & Black Belt Grading Ceremony of Bangladesh was organized
by Taekwon-Do (ITF) Bangladesh last 24th 25th December 2010. The seminar
was observed by Mr. Laxman Basnet-V Degree, international instructor & A
class Referee, President of Taekwon-Do (ITF) nepal and Technical director
of Taekwon-Do (ITF) Bangladesh. This Seminar was directed by him. Last
22th December, Mr. Laxman Basnet was reached at Shahjalal (R) Air Port
from Katmandu Nepal at 2.30 PM. I had received him by myself and take away
about 450 km from Dhaka to Sylhet. And he stayed my won house.
Next day 23rd  December at 10 am, he help me to organizing our seminar and
I (Mukter Hossain) introduce him with our district sports officer Mr.
Monoronjjon Day and Mr. Laxman Basnet is invited the sports officer to the
Seminar and more discus about development of ITF.
Next day 24th December at 10 am, the seminar was opening by Mr.
Monoronjjon day- District sports officer, Sylhet, Bangladesh and Mr.
Laxman basnet (V-Degree). There are more Basic Pattern, kicking, theory
etc are observed by Mr. Laxman Basnet from the students of ITF Bangladesh
and he also taught so many pattern to the students.
The Training was continue teaching from 10am to 12.30 pm and one and half
an hour break, the training was directed from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Next day 25th December at 8am to 12pm. Laxman Basnet was special trained
to Ten Black belt holder students and at 2pm he tested by an examination.
there are seven Black Belt holder students are successful in
the Exam  at 3.30pm district sports officer Mr. Manoranjan
Day, Mr. Laxman Basnet and Chef Adviser of ITF Bangladesh Mr. Muhiuddin
and I, Mukter Hossain, present of ITF Bangladesh, are giveaway certificate
of prettification, after then close the seminar.
Next day 26th December at 7am to 9am again give train by Laxman Basnet to
Balck Belt and some junior students
the Bangladeshi ITF students are very happy and the students said that if
organize other more seminar like this, then the ITF will be develop and
popularity soon in Bangladesh. Then the students request to laxman Basnet
to come to Bangladesh again.
Next day, 27th December I had shown him the charming and beautiful places
in sylhet.
Next Day, 28th December, I and Mr Laxman Basnet went to capital city of
Bangladesh at Dhaka, and shown him very beautiful places.
Next Day, 29th December at 9.30 am he left Bangladesh to go to Nepal by Air.
I (Mukter Hossain) have congratulation to Mr. Laxman Basnet. He directed
the seminar clearly which is very nice and dreamily to me. I never think
that I shall arrange the nice seminar like this.
>From now, as soon as possible I shall do more hard work and arrange
another more seminar and ITF event with competitor for development and
popularity of ITF only and I there more pray and hope that you would be
kindly enough to help & Good advice me.

Written by: Muktar Hussain - 3rd January 2011

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