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International Open German Taekwon-Do Championships 2010
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As expected with slightly less participants as last year, however, substantially better prepared,

the tournament started at 10.15 o''clock a.m. Because this year enough judges were available,

we could begin immediately with three rings.


At first, as promised, the youngest participants started in the TuL-contests.

Due to the fact that each club or school hat received the complete fight-lists in advance,

and the organizers had predetermined, who should start on which ring,

the tournaments were carried out quickly, because the call times were omitted.

Thus the TuL-contests could be finished up to noon,

and, because enough time was available, all persons present had good time for a break.


Then the fights were continued. Here one saw partially very fine tournaments, and very fair altogether.

Unfortunately, there were some few injuries which ran, however, probably rather lightly.


A small highlight was the international contest between Germany and the Netherlands.

Both countries decided to field a team only during the tournament.


Unfortunately, Germany could start only with three fighters. These gave of their best, however,

could not achieve anything against the superior Dutch.

Nevertheless the fights were very fair and each of the teams had a lot of fun.


The tournament finished at 6 oclock p.m., and the organizers could state a positive result.

Nevertheless, there is still improvement need in some organizational things which should,

however, be also corrected up to the next championship.


We take this opportunity to thank again all judges for their indefatigable commitment,


and of course, all starters for their participation.

Written by: Public Relations - 13th December 2010
[Comments: 3]

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Article Feedback:

Gerd Wolf (ITF - NAG President Dario Fimiani bei Kraft) : 2nd January 2011, 20:13
Martin van Straaten (ITF ROYAL DUTCH) : 13th December 2010, 22:44

it whas supper good tournament
David Lau (Dantes Taekwon Do Association) : 13th December 2010, 11:22

Well done all, congratulations on a success tournament.
Mark Skyrme (England ITF) : 13th December 2010, 09:54

Looks like a very professionally run tournament, congratulations.
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