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2010 International Irish Championships
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This year's International Irish Championships was held in Neptune Stadium, Cork in November. The prestigious event has consistently proven to be Europes largest ITF competition and the 2010 version again reinforced this accolade. The competition featured competitors from Belgium, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands. Except for the under 12s section every division contained foreign competitors an amazing statistic. Some black belt sections had more than 25 entrants!  Numerous ITF World and European Champions were on show for the large audience in attendance. The event was organised by Ms. Patricia Dalton. Master Don Dalton was Tournament Director and he was also assisted by Mr. Fernando Perez (Spain) who is the Chairman of the European Tournament Committee. Mr. John Riordan (VI) was leading the IUTF International Irish Championships Committee. Mr. Darren Healy also deserves special mention for his work as part of this committee. The competition also demonstrated how the various groups within ITF Ireland are working so well together. Senior grades such as Mr. Ambrose Murphy (VI, Pulse), Mr. William Oars (VI, NITA), Mr. Gerard Allen (V, TKDI), Mr. Jon Mackey (IV, Red Star), and Mr. Darragh Bolton (IV, Focus) were all in attendance and working throughout. According to Master Dalton I would like to thank all the ITF Ireland organisations for their help and support. I would also like to thank our sister INO ITF Eireann - for their support. Mr. Ruairi O Brien alone brought almost 60 competitors! The future looks very bright in Ireland with both INOs working together for the betterment of our country. A special thanks goes to our foreign brothers and sisters who continue to come to our country en mass despite the difficult financial recession. Our event is special because of this participation.

In terms of the competition, there were some outstanding performances in some very large sections. In mens sparring Martin Lucker of England won the flyweight section in a top class final against Irelands David O Mahony, which showcased the wonderful variety of ITF techniques. Paul Manning of Ireland continued his excellent rein of form with gold in -64kgs which was a huge category. The mens welterweight division had over 16 competitors with a new Irish star, Stephen Edwards, taking gold. He had to overcome an excellent Luke Hall (England) in the first round and faced Ben England (England, Master Wolf) in the final.  The -76kg final featured current ITF world champion James Dwyer and current ITF European champion Leon Brydone (both of Ireland). In a tough bout between two gentlemen Brydone took the decision in the end. The heavyweight final was easily won by current ITF world champion Padraig O Connor who comfortably dispatched opponents from England, Ireland, and the Netherlands prior to defeating his Dutch opponent in the final. Tim Kool of the Netherlands won the hyper weight division beating Michael Whitlock of England in the final. It was his third gold in a row for Mr. Kool in this major event.

In the Ladies sparring the flyweight final was an all Irish affair with Cathy Lisa Connellan (Ireland) beating Orla McKenna. England took the two bronze medals. The lightweight category was dominated by Ireland with Emma Justice taking gold over Narma Carroll. 12 competitors competed in the middleweight division including former champions Corina Kool (Netherlands) and Emma Deakin (England). Deakin again emerged victorious in the section beating her compatriot Alison Gartside in an all English final. Deakin has now emerged as the person to beat in this section. The heavy and hyper weight finals were battles between England and Ireland with Natalie McCall (England) first beating Andrea Kinsella in a close battle. Stacy Weatherer of England again won the hyper weights (beating Neidin Coulahan of Ireland) making her one of the elite competitors to dominate a particular weight category over a number of years.

In the mens patterns Ireland won two gold medals, England won two gold and Kevin McCabe made it three years in a row with his victory for Wales. England dominated the adult female patterns section taking three gold medals while the remaining gold went to Julie Scott of Scotland. Natalie McColl was the only adult female to win gold in both pattern and sparring. No adult male win gold in both sections, thus demonstrating the high level of the event. In the juniors Shannon Wouters (Netherlands, instructor Mr. Jan Kwant) and Cathal McCarthy (Ireland, instructor Mr. Ken Leahy) were the only entrants to win two gold medals.

In the Celtic Cup team event team England again defended their title, defeating Ireland (IUTF) in the semi final and Ireland (TKD Ireland) in the final. It is now their fourth year in a row winning the competition! In the mens section Ireland (IUTF) defeated Taekwon-Do Ireland in the semi final while the Netherlands were the victors against England. The final was held on the following day in front of a packed hall with neutral judges as is the normal routine for the competition. Fitzgibbon, Bolton and Brydone won for Ireland, while Kool won for the Netherlands. World Champion Padraig O Connor did not need to fight as Ireland went into a 3 to1 unassailable lead, much to the delight of their huge group of supporters. According to Mr. Forbes England (MWTA) Every competitor wants to win the International Irish Championships. If you even medal in this event then you are a top class competitor! The Saturday section of the championships was completed by a special Master Workshop by Irish Taekwon-Do Pioneer Master Norman Creedon (8th Dan). Master Creedon was assisted by his student Mr. JB McCarthy (V) throughout as he instructed the participants in advanced Ho Sin Sul.  Sunday was dedicated to colour belts with the usual nine rings running without break for the entire day. The competition was again finished at four o clock! According to Master Dalton This championship is a showcase event for the ITF and over the years has brought many new members into the ITF. Many of Europes top competitors travel to our shores year after year in the desire to become champion but only a few succeed. I personally have learned greatly from my travels to Argentina where Master Galarraga organises fantastic events. It is our plan to emulate this level of competition in Europe but with even a larger amount of competitors. We will continue to improve each year and to make the International Irish Championships an even greater showcase which demonstrates the high level and organisation of ITF events. This can only help to elevate the image of the ITF. Finally I would like to offer a special thanks to all the referees and umpires that did such a wonderful job throughout the two days.

Age 12 and Under  (Light)
1. Jordan Dalton
2. Neilus Mackessy
3. Jordan Lacey
3. Cormac Mannion

Age 12 and Under  (Heavy)
1. Nicholas Kearns Ireland
2. Cillian Howard Ireland
3. Thomas Daly Ireland
3. Denis Ring Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Flyweight   
1. Padraig Desmond Ireland
2. Kenneth Duignan Ireland
3. Kevin Fitzpatrick Ireland
3. Steven Bohan Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Lightweight   
1. Daniel O Sullivan Ireland
2. Tiernan Moriarty Ireland
3. Edward Dillon Ireland
3. Eoin Fitzgerald Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Welterweight   
1. Alan Dunton Ireland
2. Cathal Kilbane Ireland
3. Brendan Kenny Ireland
3. Eoghan Doyle Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Middleweight   
1. Cathal McCarthy Ireland
2. Sean Lawlor Ireland
3. Dylan Lacy Ireland
3. Adrian Kenneally Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Heavyweight   
1. Luke Holloway England
2. Ciaran Doyle Ireland
3. Robbie Gill Ireland
3. Paudi Farrell Ireland

Age 13 to 17    Hyperweight   
1. Olin Kinsella Ireland
2. Brdley Jones England
3. Emmet Bourke Ireland
3. Edward Coleman Roberts England

Age 18 And over    Flyweight   
1. Martin Lucker England
2. David O Mahony Ireland
3. Jonathan Dowling Ireland
3. Marc O Shea Ireland

Age 18 And over    Lightweight  
1. Paul Manning Ireland
2. Philip McAuliffe Ireland
3. Adam Swain England
3. Ashley Atkinson England

Age 18 And over    Welterweight  
1. Stephen Edwards Ireland
2. Ben England England
3. Feargal O hAodha Ireland
3. Alan O Connell Ireland

Age 18 And over    Middleweight  
1. Leon Brydone Ireland
2. James Dwyer Ireland
3. Greg Letchmar Ireland
3. Daniel Dowling England

Age 18 And over    Heavyweight  
1. Padraig O Connor Ireland
2. Henry Bloks Netherlands
3. Rory De Vries Netherlands
3. Brian Kelleher Ireland

Age 18 And over     Hyperweight   
1. Tim Kool Netherlands
2. Michael Whitlock England
3. Dara O Shea Ireland
3. Diarmuid McSweeney Ireland

Age over 35 years 
1. Terry Atkinson England
2. Adrian Yeates  Ireland
3. Jim Browne Ireland
3. Brian O Brien Ireland

Black Belt Female:

Juniors Female   Flyweight 
1. Sophie Cronin Ireland
2. Jenny Fitzpatrick Ireland

Age 13 to 17     Lightweight  
1. Emma Flannagan Ireland
2. Carly Atkinson England
3. Aisling O Driscoll Ireland
3. Maeve Murphy Ireland

Age 13 to 17     Middleweight  
1. Shannon Wouters Netherlands
2. Jessica Flannagan Ireland
3. Gaynor Scott Scotland
3. Shannon Murphy Ireland

Age 13 to 17     Heavyweight 
1. Dayna Jones England
2. Claire Hyde Ireland
3. Lily Mannion Ireland
3. Alice Wood England

Age 13 to 17     Hyperweight 
1. Lauren Bradshaw Ireland
2. Tara O Brien Ireland
3. Tessa Kingston Ireland
3. Lauren Russell Ireland

Age 18 and over    Flyweight   
1. Cathy Lisa Connellan Ireland
2. Orla McKenna Ireland
3. Rachel Harrison England
3. Jennifer Francis England

Age 18 and over     Lightweight
1. Emma Justice Ireland
2. Norma Carroll Ireland
3. Lisa Lonergan Ireland
3. Jessica Nyhan Ireland

Age 18 and over    Middleweight
1. Emma Deakin England
2. Alison Gartside England
3. Abigail Lane Ireland
3. Carla Dunne England

Age 18 and over    Heavyweight  
1. Natalie McColl England
2. Andrea Kinsella Ireland
3. Conni Vaughan Ireland
3. Aoibheann Yataki Ireland

Age 18 and over    Hyperweight  
1. Stacey Weatherer England
2. Neidin Coulahan Ireland
3. Sarah Browne Ireland
3. Nora Murphy Ireland

Black Belt Male Tul:

Age 12 and Under  
1. Cillian Howard
2. Jordan Dalton
3. Denis Ring
3. Neilus Mackessy

Age 13 to 17     1st Dan
1. Roy Den Hollander Netherlands
2. Edward Dillon Ireland
3. Steven Bohan Ireland
3. Fen Trudgian England

Age 13 to 17     2nd Dan
1. Dylan Lacy Ireland
2. Olin Kinsella Ireland
3. Daniel O Sullivan Ireland
3. Bradley Jones England

Age 13 to 17     3rd Dan
1. Cathal McCarthy Ireland
2. Alan Dunton Ireland
3. Cathal Kilbane Ireland
3. Ciaran Doyle Ireland

Age 18 and over    1st Dan
1. James Andrews England
2. Shane Roche Ireland
3. Victor Navaz Spain
3. Trevor Healy Ireland

Age 18 and over    2nd Dan
1. Adam Swain England
2. Philip McAuliffe Ireland
3. Leon Brydone Ireland
3. Shane Cannon Ireland

Age 18 and over    3rd Dan
1. Thomas Dunne Ireland
2. Mariano Zerda Spain
3. Diarmuid McSweeney Ireland
3. Jack Creber England

Age 18 and over    4th Dan and 5th Dan
1. Kevin McCabe
2. Daniel Lamin

Black Belt Female Tul:

Age 12 and Under   
1. Jenny Fitzpatrick
2. Sophie Cronin

Age 13 to 17     1st Dan
1. Shannon Wouters Netherlands
2. Lauren Bradshaw Ireland
3. Lizzy Payfrey England
3. Emma Byrne Ireland

Age 13 to 17     2nd Dan
1. Carly Atkinson England
2. Sonia Harris England
3. Leigh Anne McCarthy Ireland
3. Shannon Murphy Ireland

Age 18 and over    1st Dan
1. Carla Dunne England
2. Emma Justice Ireland
3. Maxine Hand
3. Neidin Coulahan

Age 18 and over    2nd Dan
1. Natalie McColl England
2. Alison Gartside England
3. Andrea Kinsella Ireland
3. Cathy Lisa Connellan Ireland

Age 18 and over    3rd Dan
1. Jennifer Francis England
2. Orla McKenna Ireland
3. Jeni Field Ireland
3. Rachel McDonnell Ireland

Age 18 and over    4th Dan and 5th Dan
1. Julie Scott Scotland
2. Mary Mannion Ireland
3. Barbara Siraut Belgium
3. Emma Deakin England

The Celtic Team Cup
Under 12s
1. Ireland
2. Ireland

Junior Female
1. Ireland
2. England

Junior Male
1. England
2. Ireland

Adult Female
1. England
2. Ireland

Adult Male
1. Ireland
2. Netherlands

Written by: David Swan - 22nd November 2010

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