Seminar of Taekwon-Do Deutschland
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This time the course took place in Gerlingen close to Stuttgart.

And now it seems that the quality of what we are doing is well known now, because about 70 participants from Germany and Switzerland attended.


The instructors this time were Olaf Brmer for Tul and Technique, Ralf Ufrecht for Step Sparring and Oliver Drexler for



Unfortunately the time was too short to give a sufficient answer to all questions. But all asked questions could be answered.


Concerning the Tul this time a special emphasis was placed on the development of the force.

The correct use of hip, concentration on the focus and maximum speeding up.


It was impressing how a few children were already able to turn it over.


Concerning Step Sparring Ralf Ufrecht entered into distance and rhythm with the single sorts of Step Sparring by using his personal precise, but as well on his relaxed way.


In the course of this it was clear to everyone that not every technique can be used and is not allowed for every distance.


Oliver Drexler started as always in a good mood his part and opened with warming-up and fitness exercises. At that point a few already noticed that it needs more for fighting than protective equipment and a good technique.


As always with a lot of fun , but as well demanding, he carried out some combinations with hand and foot.


Finally everyone was pretty managed nevertheless very sophisticated, as the positive feedback during the day and also afterwards shows.


There was a very pleasant evening with eating and drinking and the possibility to exchange.


Taekwon-Do Germany thanks the instructors for the good work, the KSG Gerlingen for their very good organization and hospitality and of course the participants fortheir numerous appearance and great assistance.




Written by: Public Relations - 28th October 2010
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Gerd Wolf (ITF - NAG President Dario Fimiani bei Kraft) : 23rd November 2010, 11:11

Alles Super,
Der Beitrag sagt alles ,hier ist alles auf den Punkt gebracht.
Olaf war schon immer ein guter Trainer, z.Z.als er noch in der ITF-nag.war.
Die anderen Trainer kenne leider nicht.
Bob Borja (Taekwon-do Central) : 31st October 2010, 17:18

Article is of good length and is to-the-point with supporting photos.
Thanks for sharing how the event went.

Always good to see a progressive Taekwon-Do organization in action.
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