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Magua Taekwon-Do (South Africa) Attend British Imperial Championships 2010
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Four members of Magua Taekwon-Do under Taekwon-Do South Africa attended the Imperial British Championships. The team who included Norman Magua- V Dan (Coach& competitor), Jonathan Voorhout- II Dan, Hugh Thomson- I Dan and Frasier Du Toit- Red belt, left from Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday afternoon 6 October. The team had a long trip about 22 hours or so because of a stopover in Dubai. It was a welcome surprise to be picked up at the airport by Mr Lee Hollingsworth (V dan) and taken to the hotel as we were expecting to wait another two or so hours for the train. It was good to speak with such an esteemed competitor and see some English countryside.

 After settling in at the hotel, it was time to explore beautiful Reading. The next day included some training in the park, more exploring, sleep and more sleep. The team arrived early at the tournament on Saturday morning. They greeted Master Nicholls, and caught up a bit before attending the umpires meeting in order help as umpires for the junior age part of the tournament. It was great to see such a well oiled machine running such a huge tournament in only two days. All six floors were running well.

 The next day they arrived ready to compete. The previous day the jetlag had hit hard but they were feeling good and ready by now. The stadium began to fill and the excitement was tangible. This was a highly competitive tournament with high standard. It was great to compete at such a high level tournament.

 The team was privileged to have a medalled (sparring: 1 gold and 1 silver. Patterns: 1 silver and 3 Bronze. Special Techniques: 1 gold and 2nd place. Breaking 3rd place)and had the opportunity to also gather valuable experience for our emerging competitors in South Africa.

 It was an honour to meet some esteemed people for the first time, such as Master Hogan, Master Wolf, Master Deedigan, Mr Basnet (Nepal), Mr. Oriolani(Spain), Miss Farigu (Italy). It was also great to see old Friends Mr & Mrs Richards from Richards Taekwon-Do in Cornwall who had visited South Africa a year prior with Master Nicholls.

They were happy they had an extra day before flying back, because it gave them the opportunity to spend some hours with Master Nicholls, Mr Skyrme and their students. As Master Nicholls is Norman Maguas instructor it was very special to spend time with him which included a trip to Windsor castle, viewing the new administration headquarters and Dojang being renovated, viewing a class with some impressive students and a fantastic Chinese Dinner with The Master, his daughter, Mr Skyrme, Mr Basnet from Nepal and some students. As always it was sad to say goodbye. The next day they were picked up by Master Nicholls son Jake and taken to the airport to end a great trip.

Thank you to Master Nicholls for his great hospitality and all of his team especially Mr Skyrme for making the tournament a huge success.

Written by: Taekwon-Do South Africa reporter - 19th October 2010
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Glenn Horan (Unified Taekwon-Do Association) : 20th October 2010, 09:53

It is always great to see Instructors and students travel so far for an event. We are all just a big family all over the world.
Mark Skyrme (England ITF) : 19th October 2010, 17:07

Was a pleasure for you to attend our event, see you next year.
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