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1st San Pietro Trophy
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1 San Pietro trophy was organized by Mr. Efisio Tolu (ITA #330 President) and Ms Silvia Farigu IV dan (Taekwon-Do Sardegna school) in Settimo San Pietro (Cagliari) during its Patron feast, tuesday September 8.
A delegation of ITF-SPAIN was invited to partecipate; Mr. Christian Oriolani V dan (Traditional Taekwon-do line President and ITF Spain Secretary) travelled to Cagliari with 2 students.

It was set in the main square of the town, in a elevated area with music and lot of people that created a big atmosphere.

The event started with a taekwon-Do demonstration by Taekwon-Do Sardegna School. Also, Mr. Santiago Edeso II dan from Spain took part in the demonstration. Ms Farigu students performed team pattern, special and power techniques, self defence and focus training.

Then started the Trophy: 4 competitors, 2 fights and 1 final with ITF official rules.
From Italy competed Mr. Niccol Tolu III dan (World cup 2008 champion)  and Mr Giacomo Danese III dan (European champion 2009)
From Spain Mr. Christian Oriolani V dan (World champion 2010) and Mr. Jose Martin (Spain Champion 2009)

1 fight was between Mr. Tolu and Mr. Martin with the italian fighter as winner.
2 fight was between Mr. Danese and Mr. Oriolani and won the second one.

Before the final Ms. Silvia Farigu (Overall Champion Corea 2010) and his student , Mr. Federico Mascia (Junior Worl champion 2010), were awarded by San Pietro comittee president Mr. Efisio Pusceddu for their results during last World Championsihps in Corea.

The final match between Mr. Tolu and Mr. Oriolani ended with a clear victory by Mr. Oriolani.

The umpire comittee was formed by Mr. Contini VI dan (ITA vice President), Mr. Giovanni Congia IV dan, Mr. Pito Dettori IV dan, Mr. Carlo Denei III dan, Mr. Santiago Edeso II dan (Spain), Mr. Stefano Onano I dan, Mr. Marziale Mascia.

When the trophy ended, all competitors and students were invited to the special dinner with thypical food and broad bean festival.
The event closed with more than 20 minutes fireworks.

We would like to thanks all the instructors, students, parents and public that supported the event and also Mr. Giampiero Melis, our official photographer.

We are already working to organize the IV International Mediterranean Open next 30th January 2011.

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                                                                                                                                                                  Tkd Sardegna Reporter

Written by: Taekwon-Do Sardegna - 10th September 2010

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