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Another Master conducts ITF Seminar Down Under
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On Saturday 27th March Master Parm Rai started the seminar, which was attended by 33 participants who include Master Jamie Moore & Master Leyton and held at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Of the remaining students there were 6 International Instructors, 20 Black Belts and the rest were gup students ranking from 8th Gup to 1st Gup.  These participants travelled from far and wide with a contingent of 7 coming from the Nations Capital, Canberra, which is over 1,300 kms away.


Each day started with warm-ups, core strengthening, and drills, some of which were new to those in attendance and I believe will now form part of the Instructors training regime. 


Master Rai over the two days covered a majority of the 24 tuls up to and including Tong-Ill performed by Master Moore & Sabum Burn.  Also the three Masters performed Hwa-Rang for participants.

Throughout the seminar Master Rai commented on the high level of knowledge of those in attendance but did emphasise that more power was required within the movements.  In doing this Master Rai covered the use of core strength and in particular utilising the bodys engine or hip to generate the power required with each technique, along with focusing on sine wave and acceleration of movements.  


On the final day Master Rai was presented with an Akubra Hat (which is an Australian Icon) as well as a Boomerang as all in attendance wished that as a boomerang he will return to Australia, to impart   some more of his Taekwon-Do knowledge for us all.

For anyone who has the opportunity to attend a Seminar conducted by Master Rai, I highly recommend it.

On behalf of those in attendance I would like to thank Master Rai for passing on some of his wealth of knowledge to us, and to Master Moore for inviting Master Rai to Australia.

Written by: Master Moore - 15th April 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Kay King (England ITF) : 26th April 2010, 12:35

Is that our very own Master Leighton i see there??!! Had the pleasure of training with him early in the new year when he came back to the UK for a visit.
Lovely man.
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