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International Irish Championships and Celtic Team Cup
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This years International Irish Championships was hosted by the Irish United Taekwon-Do Federation in Neptune Stadium, Cork. The event had more than 200 black belts alone on the Saturday with colour belts competing on the following day. As usual there were more foreign entrants than Irish, a fact which aptly demonstrates the high standing of the competition. The countries represented included Ireland, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Wales, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland and Belgium. Some countries like England had six different groups attending. Many of these organisations have been travelling to Ireland year after year and this is personified by Ms. Barbara Siraut and the Belgium competitors who have come to Cork without fail for ten years. The 2009 championships also welcomed Mr. Fernando Perez (Chairman of the ITF Tournament Committee for Europe). Mr. Perez was working diligently throughout the event rating the referees and judges in anticipation of the next European Championships which will be held in Cork in 2011.

The competition was graced by many world class competitors such as Silvia Farigu of Italy, Christian Oriolani of Spain, Leon Brydone and Padraig O Connor of Ireland and Libor Machen  of the Czech Republic. The black belt sections were large and extremely competitive. This was demonstrated by the fact that only five entrants achieved gold in both sparring and patterns. These were Martin Luckey (England), Jordan Dalton (Ireland), Brian Van De Brand (Netherlands), Shannon Murphy (Ireland) and Silvia Farigu (Italy).  The five mens weight sections were won by five different countries: Valentino Atenzi (Itlay), Adam Swain (England), Leon Brydone (Ireland), Henry Blocks, (Netherlands), and Libor Machen (Czech Republic). The ladies sections were won by Silvia Farigu (Italy), Claire O Sullivan (Ireland), Emma Deakin (England), Iva Martincova (Czech Republic) and Stacey Weatherer (England). The IUTF and ITF Ireland pride themselves on a well run tournament with fair judging and this is demonstrated by the results and attendance levels each year. The final medal count for black belts was as follows:

1.       Ireland 70 medals

2.       England 52 medals

3.       Czech Republic 10 medals

4.       Italy 9 medals

5.       Spain 6 medals

6.       Scotland 6 medals

7.       Netherlands 6 medals

8.       Belgium 1 medal

9.       Wales 1 medal

The Celtic Team Cup

The Celtic Team Cup was also held on the same day as the individual black belt sparring and pattern. There were team sections in junior and senior sparring. The senior and junior ladies teams were won by England. The senior ladies team final was between the old rivals England and Ireland with last years champions England winning in the last bout. The Dutch boys won a large junior section with a strong team under the tutelage of Mr. Tim Kool. It was the first team win for the Dutch at the Celtic Cup. The mens team sparring came down to Ireland and the Czech Republic. This was to be held on the following morning prior to the colour belt championships. The four foreign judges took up position and with Mr. Alek Milanov of Bulgaria as centre referee both team got ready. With the hall packed to the brim the first two bouts were won by the Czechs. Very few Taekwon-Do practitioners get the opportunity to compete in front of such a large audience with such a wonderful and electric atmosphere. The vocal support spurred on the home nation to two wins on the trot with Padraig O Connor and Shane Fitzgibbon both victorious. It all came down to the final nail biting bout which Leon Brydone won after his relentless attacking forced his opponent to concede. The crowd was ecstatic. It was a fitting end to Europes premier Taekwon-Do tournament.

The Next International Irish Championships will be held on November 13 and 14 in Neptune Stadium, Cork. It will be the ideal testing ground for the Upcoming European Championships!

The International Irish Championships-Individual Black Belts Results

Male Tul

Under 12s                           1st Jordan Dalton Ireland

2nd Austin King Ireland

3rd Fionn Murphy Ireland

3rd Eoin Fitzgerald Ireland

Age 13/17 1st Degree      1st Jeremy Dijkstra Netherlands

2nd Jonathan Miloudi Ireland

3rd Daniel O Sullivan Ireland

3rd Josh Veitch England

Age 13/17 2nd Degree     1st Brian Van De Brand Netherlands

2nd James Stack Ireland

3rd Richard Forde Ireland

3rd Daniel Dowling England

Age 13/17 3rd Degree     1st Martin Luker England

2nd Carl O Brien Ireland


1st Degree                           1st Petr Linc Czech Republic

2nd Marc Barnes Spain

3rd Jan Formanek Czech Republic

3rd Zdenek straka Czech Republic

2nd Degree                          1st Matteo Lecca Italy

2nd Darren Twelvetree England

3rd Adam Swan England

3rd Lewis Baker England

3rd Degree                           1st Michael Whitlock England

2nd Philip Whitlock England

3rd Ashley Atkinson England

3rd Simon Needle England

4th/ 5th Degree                    1st Kevin McCabe Wales

2nd Christian Oriolani Spain

3rd Shane Fitzgibbon Ireland

3rd DarrenHolmes England

Female Tul

Under 12s                           1st Isabel Brider England

2nd Lili Mannion Ireland

3rd Emma Flanagan Ireland

3rd Romy Mottershead England

Age 13/14                            1st Shannon Murphy Ireland

2nd Dayna Jones England

3rd Feral Ashworth Ireland

3rd Lauren Flavin Ireland

Age 15/17                            1st Lorna Eden England

2nd Zoe Mattacks England

3rd Aisling Yataki Ireland

3rd Alison Gartside Ireland

Age 13-17                            1st Veronica Placido Italy

2nd Natalie McColl England

3rd Leighanne McCarthy Ireland

3rd Carly Atkinson England


1st Degree                           1st Anne Marie Rooney Ireland

2nd Simona Hrabalova Czech Republic

3rd Jana Bohackova Czech Republic

3rd Kathy Connellan Ireland

2nd Degree                          1st Naomi Pearson England

2nd Corrine Sri Wadadw England

3rd Karen Douse England

3rd Anna Ross England

3rd Degree                           1st Jennifer Friends England

2nd Emma Deakin England

3rd Claire O Sullivan Ireland

4th Mary Mannion Ireland

4th/ 5th Degree                    1st Sylvia Farigu Italy

2nd Julie Scott Scotland

3rd Barbara Siraut Belgium

3rd Stacey Weatherer England

Male Matsogi

Under 12s (Light)             1st Jordan Dalton Ireland

                                                2nd Austin King Ireland

                                                3rd Fionn Murphy Ireland

                                                3rd John Luke England

Under 12s (Heavy)          1st Eoin Fitzgerald Ireland

                                                2nd Max Motherhead England

                                                3rd Wayne Mulhall Ireland

                                                3rd Cillian Howard Ireland

Age 13-17 (-42kg)             1st Stephan Bohan Ireland

                                                2nd Adam O Connell Ireland

3rd Jason Costello Ireland

3rd Kenneth Duignan Ireland

Age 13-17 Micro               1st Johnathan Miloudi Ireland

                                                2nd Cathal Kilbane Ireland

                                                3rd Daniel O Sullivan Ireland

3rd Joseph Wood England

Age 13-17 Light                 1st Mart Luker England

                                                2nd Ryan Quinn Ireland

                                                3rd Ben Dale England

                                                3rd Dylan Lacey Ireland

Age 13-17 Middle             1st Brian van de Brand Netherlands

                                                2nd Ciaran Cassidy Ireland

3rd Ciaran Doyle Ireland

3rd Adam Quinn Ireland

Age 13-17 Heavy              1st Jack England England

                                                2nd Niels Wildschut Netherlands

                                                3rd James Stack Ireland

                                                3rd Jeremy Dijkstra Netherlands

Age 13-17 Hyper               1st Daniel Dowling England

                                                2nd Richard Forde Ireland

                                                3rd Edward Coleman Roberts England

                                                3rd Cory Stephen Ireland

Over 35s                              1st Karl Kavanagh Ireland

                                                2nd Stefano Bulla Italy

                                                3rd Phil Mottershead England

                                                3rd Michael kirkhan Scotland

Seniors   Micro                  1st Valentino Atzeni Italy

                                                2nd Matteo Lecco Itlay

3rd David O Mahony Ireland

3rd Thomas Robertson Scotland

Seniors  Light                     1st Adam Swain England

                                                2nd Ben England England

                                                3rd Gustavo Oyarzo Spain

                                                3rd Andrea Picciau Itlay

Seniors  Middle                 1st Leon Brydon Ireland

                                                2nd Christian Oriolani Spain

                                                3rd Vincent Coakley Ireland

                                                3rd Karl Davis England

Senior Heavy                     1st Henry Blocks Netherlands

                                                2nd Shane Fitzgibbon Ireland

                                                3rd Pilip Whitlock England

                                                3rd Richard Harze England

Senior Hyper                      1st Libor Machen Czech Republic

                                                2nd Padraig O Connor Ireland

                                                3rd Michael Whitlock England

                                                3rd Jan Formanek Czech Republic

Female Matsogi

Under 12s                           1st Nicole Swani Ireland

                                                2nd Emma Flanagan Ireland

                                                3rd Lilli Mannion Ireland

                                                3rd Romy Mottershead England

Age 13-17 Light                 1st Shannon Murphy Ireland

                                                2nd Veronica Placido Italy

                                                3rd Carly Atkinson England

                                                3rd Aisling Dowling Ireland

Age 13-17 Middle             1st Dayna Jones England

                                                2nd Jessica Flanagan Ireland

                                                3rd Shannon Holland Ireland

                                                3rd Lorna Eden England

Age 13-17 Heavy              1st Alice Wood England

                                                2nd Aisling Yataki Ireland

                                                3rd Emma Loedel Scotland

                                                3rd Lisa Lonnergan Ireland

Age 13-17 Hyper               1st Natalie McColl England

                                                2nd Alison Gartside England

                                                3rd Neidin Coulahan Ireland

                                                3rd Ciara O Shea Ireland

Over 35s                              1st Sophie Barnett England

                                                2nd Corinne Barnett England

                                                3rd Sandra Doyle Ireland

                                                3rd Sandra Murphy Ireland

Senior Micro                      1st Sylvia Farigu Italy

                                                2nd Kathy Connellan Ireland

                                                3rd Julie Scott Scotland

3rd Jennifer Francis Ireland

Senior Light                        1st Claire O Sullivan Ireland

                                                2nd Aoife O Sullivan Ireland

                                                3rd Laura Lupon Spain

                                                3rd Karen Dowse England

Senior Middle                    1st Emma Deakin England

                                                2nd Liz McKenna Scotland

                                                3rd Ann Marie Rooney Ireland

                                                3rd Alison Webb England

Senior Heavy                     1st Iva Martincova Czech Republic

                                                2nd Moira McElligott Ireland

                                                3rd Andrea Kinsella Ireland

                                                3rd Simona Hrabalova Czech Republic

Senior Hyper                      1st Stacey Weatherer England

                                                2nd Sarah O Connor Ireland

                                                3rd Jana Bohackova Czech Republic

                                                3rd Aida Conde Spain

The Celtic Cup Team Sparring:

Senior Male: Ireland

Senior Female: England

Junior Male: Netherlands

Junior Female: England

Written by: By Shane Fitzgibbon - 15th April 2010

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