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Master Galarraga and the 3rd International Mediterranean Open in Sardinia
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ITF Tournaments & Umpires Committee Chairman Master Galarraga visited Cagliari (Saridinia - Italy) in order to conduct a master class and black belts exam and assist to the 3rd International Mediterranean Open.
Also He can visit the city and all his structures and agree that Cagliari can host the  ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in 2014.

The event was organized by Taekwon-Do Sardegna, Miss Silvia Farigu with ITA (INO #330) support.
On 29 January, 2010 Master Galarraga conducted 2hs and half master class about sparring and self defence. Before start Master Galarraga would remember a great person like GMaster Tran Quan still missing in Haiti after the hearthquake.
Over 50 people from Italy, Greece, Paraguay, Switzerland, England and Spain attending to the master class.
Master Galarraga shown some sparring exercise about linear movement, distance, correct angle of attack and defence.
Then Master spoke about self defence and explained the difference between self defence from a grab or self defence before opponent grab. He shown different exercises on the ground too.
Before finished Mr. Perez explained all tournament and umpire rules changes and Master Galarraga spoke and explained the meaning of  Do: Feel, Think and Make in the same way.
The knowledge and the charisma of Master Galarraga createed a great atmosphere among the people that enjoyed and shared a really good time together.

After class, started black belts exams.
12 people grading for I,II, IV degree. Exam Commission was composed by Master Galarraga, assited by Mr. Fernando Perez VI dan (ITF -Spain President), Mr. Dino Denei V dan (ITA - Secretary), Mr. Christian Oriolani V dan and Miss Silvia Farigu IV dan.

-Mr. Federico Puddu, Mr. Mauro Pisu, Mr. Marco Cadelano, Mr. Stefano Onano, Miss. Francesca Cinus, Miss. Francesca Santagati, Mr. Roberto Rolesu, Mr. Francesco Caddeo, Mr. Fabio Piras were promoted to I dan.
-Miss. Anastasia Atzeni and Mr. Manolo Graziu were promoted to II dan.
-Mr. Giovanni Congia was promoted to IV dan.

On saturday afternoon, 30 January competition started.
Competitors from Italy, England, Spain, Greece, Paraguay, Switzerland attending the 3rd International Mediterranean Open 2010.
Day 1 of competition was dedicated to all children and junior colour belts that competed in pattern and sparring.
On sunday morning competed senior colour belts and all black belts.
Before award ceremony there was a special team sparring match: Greece team Vs a Mixed team composed by Italy,Spain, England coached by Mr. Mariano Bechara V dan (Spain national Coach).
Mr. Perez was umpire the match. All competitors shwon a very good level and finally Mixed team won.

During the event we had the honour to host very important politic person like Mr. Gianfranco Fara, Mr. Adriano Salis, Mr. Aurelio Carcanella, Mr. Luigi Puddu.
All Instructors and head delegation had a special present from the organization: Mr. Agelos (Greece - President),Mr. Perez (ITF- Spain President), Mr. Oriolani (ITF-Spain Secretary), Mr. Bechara ( ITF -Spain VicePresident), Mr. Molina (ITF-Spain Treasurer), Mr. Monreal (Spartae), Mr. Guy (Tekken, England), Mr. Shadidi (Switzerland -President), Mr. Pereira (ITF Paraguay President),Mr. Tolu (ITA President), Mr. Denei, Mr. Caizzo, Mr. Contini, Mr. Dettori, Mr. Iannone and Miss Farigu as organizator of the event.
We would like to thanks also all umpires, judges, competitors, teams, parents and friends that attending the event.

A special thanks to Master Galarraga for coming and share with us his knowledge; for his humility and his great work for Taekwon-Do development. His visit make we can learn and improve about Taekwon-Do like martial art and way of life.

The organizing committee
Taekwon-Do Sardegna

Written by: Taekwon-Do Sardegna - 4th February 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Christian Oriolani (International Taekwon-do Federation de Espaa) : 6th February 2010, 11:52

Was Great!!
Ivano Diodati (ITF Taekwon-Do ITALIA) : 5th February 2010, 10:20
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