Master Nicholls Bristol Seminar
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Imperial Bristol TKD was very pleased to host Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Degree to a two hour seminar at Thornbury, Bristol on Saturday 31st October.Master N

The seminar was attended by over 80 students from all over the UK, with grades 5th kup through to 5th Degree. We were also lucky to have the presence of two other Masters Lawes & Deedigan both VII Degree.SK Chamber

Master Nicholls managed to cover many aspect s of Taekwon-do in the two hour session & kept everybody constantly working. There were displays of the most senior pattern Tong-Il (By the Masters) & the 5th Degrees demonstrated So-San the pattern with highest number of moves at 72! The 4th kup blue belts also gave a display of pattern Joong Gun.

The seminar was wrapped up with the customary group photos & there was a short break before Master Nicholls along with the other Masters conducted a senior degree testing.  The grading was to include 5 students from Stoke Gifford TKD who were testing for their 1st Degree. As well as the Stoke Gifford students their we various other grades from all over the country, some going for 4th degree.  After a gruelling 3 hours Master Nicholls lined up the students ready to dismiss them. Then one by one he called each individual to the front to give them their result! Im pleased to say that it was 100 percent pass rate, and all the students seemed pleased & relieved to find out the result so quickly.

PracticeMany students concluded their evening at a banquet, with Master Nicholls as guest of honour. TheMaster L & Master D members that had graded were awarded with belts by Master Nicholls, and took the opportunity to have many memorable photos taken with him. A successful day was concluded with a relaxing evening where everybody managed to let their hair down & celebrate.

Well done to you all!


Master Deedigan

Written by: Kerry Burridge - 2nd February 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Luke Norman : 22nd August 2010, 22:13
David Lau (Dantes Taekwon Do Association) : 3rd February 2010, 01:39

Must been great to have three experienced Masters to conduct a seminar.Wish I was there !
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