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On 27th Jan,2010. Mr.AVS Bathi 6th Degree from Malaysia visited Hong Kong and assisted our Hong Kong black belts on a pattern training class.
This is the first time two presidents of two countries INO #334 and #359 perform a training class together,it was an experenice for all of us in Hong Kong.
The class lasted for 3 hours non-stop,everyone was so enjoy the whole time and learn alot from Mr.Bathi about the full power of the sine-wave.
Mr.Bathi was presented with an appreciation certificate from the council members of Hong Kong.We all look forward for the next visit from Mr.Bathi from Malaysia.
It is always a pleasure to have overseas Instructors and seniors visit Hong Kong to share techniques and ideas of ITF, I encourage other counties should do the same to strengthen our relationships around our own region or around the globe.
Thank you Mr.Bathi.
David Lau
ITF-Representative for Hong Kong

Written by: David Lau - 1st February 2010

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