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Master Muleta in Hong Kong
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Yesterday,17th Jan 2010.was a fantastic start for our Hong Kong ITF Council members and black belts as we were honoured to have Master Muleta 7th Degree from Australia conducted a 4 hours "Sparring workshop" for us.
A total of 42 members attended the workshop,Master Muleta explained and demonstrated the ITF sparring techniques and scoring essentials to all our participants.
The whole 4 hours workshop was non-stop without any break,but everyone including myself enjoyed it very well,and have many positive feed backs from many black belts.Then a souvenir and certificate of appreciation were presented to Master Muleta for his efforts on providing such comprehensive training and guild to our members.
All of the seniors of the Hong Kong TKD council have had a meeting and dinner with Master Muleta,we have exchanged  ideas of our Asia region,and Master Muleta also gave us alot of valuable suggestions on our future developments of ITF in Hong Kong.
It was great to have a senior to visit and teach our Hong Kong members,we all had a real great time and look forward on Master Muleta''''s next visit to our region.
Thank you Master Muleta.

Written by: David Lau - 19th January 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Wai Tak Choi (Pure ITF Taekwon-Do) : 20th January 2010, 15:35

The "Sparring Workshop" was really great. 4 hours workshop passed in a blink. I wish i could have another 4 and more.

Thanks Master Muleta and hope will see you soon.
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