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1ST International Umpire Course-conducted by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan held in Hong Kong
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Master Nicholls along with Master Jim Hogan and Mr. Mark Skyrme arrived in Hong Kong on the 13th November 2009. After a day rest the Masters were met with over 90 students from ITF-Malaysia, ITF-Taiwan as well as the home team(Hong Kong). A 3 hours technical seminar was given by the two Masters and Mr.Skyrme,where everyone was impressed by the abilities and knowledge of Taekwon-do from them.

The evening carried on were Master Nicholls and Mr.Skyrme conducted a grading for 11 black belts and Master Hogan continued his sparring seminar for the students.

On the 15th November (Sunday), the Masters team conducted the Umpire course, where a comprehensive training on the updated ITF umpire rules to all 90 participants. Everyone was really satisfied with the new knowledge of the ITF Umpire rules as well as the newly implemented electronic scoring system of ITF.

This is the first time ever most of the participants met and trained with ITF officials abroad and sure we are looking forward on the next visit of Master Nicholls and his fantastic team, both Master Jim Hogan and Mr.Mark Skyrme.

Thank you and hoping to see you all in SK.
Photos of the events can be seen by following this link: Click Here

David WT Lau
Hong Kong Original TKD Council.

Written by: David WT Lau - 24th November 2009

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