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Tragic Loss!
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Lost in our daily life, buried in endless tasks we somehow daze off and forget about ourselves, about our loved ones, about our friends and the simple humanity among each other. We forget how brief and priceless life is and how vulnerable and ephemeral we are. But destiny sometimes gives bitter lessons that make us rethink the important things in our fast and even sometimes senseless life. Philosophically, does it hurt more when trouble slumps on our loved ones and friends or on us?  The truth though is when this hour comes and we are faced with the ultimate test of our love, affection, and compassion, then we understand how flaccid and vulnerable we are.

Today we lost our dear friend and the colleague Todor Todorov, president of the Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do and Taekwon-Do Club Varna. Sadly, this is not the full tragedy. At the beginning of September, literally before the eyes of Todor another affliction happened - his wife Svetla crashed and passed away in the hospital hours later due to her heavy injuries.

Today we all grief for our colleague and friend Todor, but there are two people that are most affected as to what happened - the children of Svetla and Todor Todorov. Now orphans, the minor children (Deyan, 5 years old and Biliyana, 1.5 years old) are surrounded with the entire love of their grandparents and aunt.

In this tough hour of family tragedy, we the friends of Todor and Svetla will not remain passive! We will not stand quietly away, as if this does not involve us! We have created a foundation in the name of their children. We know that the funds cannot substitute the love and the affectionate embraced by their parents, but we want to help as much as we can the children of our dear friends Svetla and Todor. We want to ensure their good future and to take at least some of the load away from the shoulders of the people that will raise and educate them.

We ask all of our all friends and acquaintances, all Taekwon-Do practitioners as well sympathizers to this tragedy to help in this undertaking.

Thank you in behalf of Deyan (Deo) and Biliyana.

The bank accounts for the children are as follows:  

IBAN: BG70BUIN95611000171390, BIC: BUINBGSF, Allianz Bank Bulgaria Stara Zagora Deyan Todorov 

IBAN: BG27BUIN95611000171388, BIC: BUINBGSF, Allianz Bank Bulgaria Stara Zagora Biliyana Todorova 

For more information, you can contact me at bulgartkd@hotmail.com


Alek Milanov

Written by: Alek Milanov - 7th October 2009
[Comments: 1]

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Mariyan Harizanov (Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do) : 11th October 2009, 16:52

A deep bow to clear his memory!
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