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ITF ireann Host Master Norman Creedon
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Master Creedon a native of Cork is one of the pioneers of Irish Taekwon-do having began his training back in the early 70s under grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha .Master Creedon has a long and distinguished career in Taekwon-do and has conducted seminars throughout Great Britain and the US as well as his native Ireland.

Students and Instructors ranging from white belts to 5th degree Black Belts packed the hall and waited eagerly for the session to begin. The session began with a gentle warm up, followed by some joint rotations, and then straight into stretching, Master Creedon spoke on the different types of stretching such as static, dynamic and isometrics and explained when is best to use the different types of stretching

The session moved on to different kicking drills and how to use them in sparring for attack and setting up counter attacks. As the participants began to warm up Master Creedon decided to up the pace and everything was done with high intensity. Master Creedon emphasised that timing and distancing along with accuracy are essential factors when sparring. Master Creedon finished this part of the master class executing a bandae dollyo goro chagi and knocking the smallest of beer mats from Mr Corkerys mouth.

After a well earned break, Master Creedon demonstrated another bandae dollyo goro chagi .This time it was a Blind folded break, students and the spectators made a massive round of applause when the broken part of the board went hurling through the air. All participants lined the floor to begin the Tul section of the master class. Master Creedon highlighted the importance of the waist twist and upper body movement and how vital this movement is to generate maximum power in every technique. All tuls were covered up as far as Choong Moo,

Master Creedon spent the last part of the class teaching Ho Sin Sul (self defence). Master Creedon himself is also a 5th Degree black belt in Hapki-do. This part of the session was really enjoyable not only to be learning new techniques but also to see big guys being brought to their knees by the Master himself

On close of the session Master Creedon spoke on the standard of all and the effort that was made through out the day ,He also paid special mention to some of the senior instructors like Mr. Whelan whom he hadnt seen for a long time.

This is yet another successful event organized and hosted by ITF ireann, if you require any further information about the organization feel free to contact Ms. Jeni Field

Written by: Liam Corkery - 2nd September 2009

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