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ITF Spain in the International Instructors Course
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   Friday 13 of June, a group of the ITF of Spain traveled to the International Instructor Course dictated by the Grand Masters Choi Jung Hwa in the city of Headthrow, England. The event was organized by the Master Trevor Nicholls, VIII Dan and secretary of the ITF. It went without place to doubt one of the important courses but of year 2009, since it reunited to 84 instructors (14 Masters and the rest over IV Dan) and 16 countries like: Canada
Czech Republic

   As it is custom, the ITF of Spain continues participating in all official events of the ITF, in this occasion was represented by their President Fernando Perez VI Dan, Christian Oriolani V Dan (ITF Aragon) and Mariano Molinda IV Dan.

On Friday 12 at 19 pm seminar began. The Grand Master Choi gave a short introduction and then the Master Galarraga (Argentina), ITF Tournament Committee Chairman, said the new changes that were set for the championships. At the end there was a break and did Kwang Gae Tul, I Dan.

Saturday 13. The seminar began 9 am with I Degree Patterms. After a small rest to eat, at 15 hs, continuous the patterms until Yoo Sin Tul. As this is an intense evening of questions and doubts.
At 21 pm. The banquet was attended by all instructors. Muleta Master Michael (Australia), delivered a speech to thank the Master Choi. Then the Master Robert Wheatley (USA) announced the new promotion of Master Issac Harry (England) for the category of VIII Dan. Master Galarraga said the most important events of the ITF in the years following.
The G.M. Choi gave a speech to thank all the instructors for their presence. Commented on the good relations that exist in Korea.

On Sunday at 9 am began with the general picture of Instructors and the last part of the seminar, a class that lasted about 3 hours and finished with all the patterm to Tong- II Tul.

We understand that these seminars are extremely important and necessary.
We note that the G.M. Choi was always very open to the demands of all the instructors, so they created a great atmosphere.

We thank and congratulate the Master Trevor Nicholls and Marc Skyrme for the hospitality and the excellent organizational work.


Seminar Pictures

Christian R. Oriolani 

Written by: Christian Oriolani - 16th June 2009
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Barbara Siraut (Taekwon-do ITF BELGIUM) : 7th July 2009, 20:49

Taekwon-Do Family ... Spain, Argentina, Ireland and... Belgium ! Yes ! I am back. Thank you a lot. It was a great.
I hope to organize a second BIG seminar in Belgium in the future.
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