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Master Nicholls in Peru.
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After arriving in Peru on Thursday from a 12 hour flight Master Nicholls and Mr Horan wear greeted by the Peru seminar organisers led by Mr Raul Alfaro with a warm welcome.

Friday morning started with an introduction from Master Nicholls explaining what he wanted to achieve on the course, and gave the students an idea of what GM Choi Jung Hwa is trying encourage.

Master Nicholls then went straight into the patterns from Chon-Ji up to Choong-Moo with an explanation of common mistakes and gave correction to students when necessary. After evaluating the common areas of correction, Master Nicholls then went on to explain the dynamics of the movements to produce maximum power not just in attacking but also in blocking. An in-depth analysis of sine wave ( Bow) explaining the idea of potential energy from the momentum of the body mass.

The afternoon took the students from Kwang-Gae to Yoo-Sin with some interesting questions showing the hunger for learning and knowledge from the students and Instructors. Between the patterns practice,the correct explanation of commands and how to lead a class wear given. This enabled all the Instructors attending to standardise the procedures throughout Peru.

Saturday morning  held a Dan grading with 8 canditates from Ist Dergree to Vth Degree, one being retested hoping to achieve their requested grade. After 4 hours of patterns, set sparring, free sparring, self-defence, breaking, and theory. All applicants were successful in achieving the requested grade.

Saturday afternoon training was a reflection on the previous days applications of technique and practice ,with the understanding of power in the patterns and not just creating a beautiful movement.

Sunday morning the coloured belts joined in the training hall. After Master Nicholls introduced himself and GM Choi Jung Hwa and the ITFs vision, the class was separated into two as the Vth Degrees and above started from Tong-Il and the rest of the class trained with Mr Howard from the USA.

As Master Nicholls worked down from Tong-Il, each Dan grade moved in until they reached Choi-Yong which led back to Fridays training which finished at Yoo-Sin. This last afternoon reflected on the correct technique and application as well as the correct procedure for leading a class.

It was then all over, another IIC with a tremendous response from all participants. As Master Nicholls and Mr Horan left for the airport it was with the knowledge that the Peru Instructors are now qualified to lead their classes in a standard that is acknowledged throughout the world.

We must also give thanks to Mr Howard and Mr Bazo for their tireless effort and support throughout the three days, a credit to Master Tompkins and the Pheonix group.  Also a big thank you to Mr Raul Alfaro for his hospitality and humility,  his group of Instructors and students for their unshakable Integrity and courtesy.

Pictures to follow shortly...

Written by: Glenn Horan INO # 2 - 22nd May 2009
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Bob Borja (Taekwon-do Central) : 28th May 2009, 07:51

This article provided a clear outline of how the IIC progressed and its highlights. Sounded like a super, unique experience for all. Thank you Mr. Horan. Looking forward to the pictures.

ITF owes much to Master Nicholls who tirelessly and with much passion promotes Taekwon-Do world-wide.
juan celadita : 23rd May 2009, 18:08
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