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ITF and WTF Seminar
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Following the initiative of Mr. Fimiani, ITF-NAG President, a mutual Seminar held by WTF and ITF was organized by the ITF NAG. This Seminar, the first ever of its kind, was held in Dortmund on 15th. March, 2009 

Under the guidance of Grandmaster Whang Chae Pok WTF 9th DAN and Master Peter Sanders ITF 7th.DAN. Master Sanders addressed the athletes before moving on with GM Whang Chae Pok WTF and some exercises

Techniques of both associations were analysed and practiced in a friendly, respectful atmosphere, which encouraged the desire for more learning and the repetition of such an event.

The Seminar was a great success on the whole line. The Korean Press intends to publish a detailed interview in Korea.

Mr. Fimiani has been requested to repeat this event next year. A Mega Event will be planned by Master Sanders and Grandmaster Whang Chae Pok due to the positive response. GM Whang Chae Pok will put up a Korean Team especially for this event. He was proud to announce to the Korean Press that this was the first Seminar of its kind ever worldwide and that it would bear many fruits.

Written by: Mr. Fimiani, ITF-NAG - 23rd March 2009
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Inderpal Dhillon (England ITF) : 4th May 2009, 21:30

I train in both ITF & WTF and so I will love to attend a seminar such as this. What did this seminar covered anyway?
Thomas Siemon (ITF - NAG President Dario Fimiani bei Kraft) : 24th March 2009, 09:50

The students from TV Heli Abt. Budo ( can say:

# It was a great sunday in Dortmund. We look forward to 2010 for the next seminar #
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