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England ITF in Sardinia
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An early start ensured that England ITF met at Stansted airport to catch the plane together. After the flight and long coach journey there was little time to rest as the Sardinian team offered to share their training facilities with England. The team was warmly welcomed by the Sardinian team but it was soon down to tactics.

The next evening Master Nicholls led a short seminar in which execution of movement within patterns was the topic. This gave the Sardinian, Italian and English team the opportunity to train together as one. It also allowed those who were due to grade the following day to have one last practice.

Master Nicholls conducted the grading in which all applicants were successful. Once again however, there was no time to rest as all teams then set off to the competition venue. A short opening ceremony got the competition off to a great start. Over the next 2 days everyone from Imperial representing England ITF performed exceptionally well and all secured a medal. The highlight of the competition was the Men's team event. After coming a close second in the team patterns the lads knew that the score had to be settled in the sparring. After beating one Italian team the lads were in the final to face another. This was also a closely fought battle but our lads well and truly won the war, bringing home the prestigious trophy.


Matthew Brunger, Gold patterns, Silver sparring
Gavinder Sidhu, Gold sparring, Silver patterns
Luke Dempsey, Gold sparring
Sam Richards, Silver Sparring
Beth Martin, Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Lee Webb, Bronze sparring
Ryan Beale, Gold patterns
Ben Richards, Silver Sparring
Priti Sidhu, Bronze patterns, Gold sparring
Jay Gilbert, Bronze patterns, Bronze sparring
Gurlaine Sidhu, Bronze patterns, Bronze sparring
Martyn Porter, Gold patterns, Bronze sparring
Jamie McAvoy, Silver patterns, Bronze sparring
Joel Wilson, Bronze sparring, Silver patterns
Vicky Church: Gold sparring, Bronze Patterns
Laurie Cornwell, Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Mens Team: Joel Wilson, Matthew Brunger, Martyn Porter, Jamie McAvoy, Lee Webb, Gavinder Sidhu (Gold sparring, Silver Patterns)

What a great trip to end the year!

A big thank you to Mr Mark Skyrme and Mr Mark Richards for coaching the team. Mrs Wendy Richards for officiating and shutting that door (If you were there you'll understand..). Master Nicholls for organising the team's trip and supplying us all with tracksuit tops. Mick Dempsey, Jeremy Martin and Prinder Sidhu for providing lots of support and cheering throughout the event.

Written by: Laurie Cornwell - 26th February 2009

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