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Master Galarraga Seminars hosted by ITF Ireland
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Master Nestor Galarraga VIII, President of the ITF Tournament Committee and President of the TAA (Taekwon-Do Associacion Argentina) recently travelled to Ireland in order to conduct a series of Master Classes around the country. The sessions were hosted by ITF Ireland and organised by Master Don Dalton.

Master Galarraga''''s first port of call was to Cork, where he conducted a two hour sparring workshop, mainly focusing on movement and basic punching and kicking drills for sparring. He then followed this with a section which focused on self defence, which was very well received by all. The next Masterclass was in Tralee, Co. Kerry to the home school of Master Dalton. After a quick warm up, Master Galarraga concentrated on exercises specifically designed to improve the side kick. The multitudes in attendance were both sore and grateful after the painful experience. This was then followed by an extended session on Patterns where Master Galarraga pointed out many common mistakes in a very constructive and informative way. Master Galarraga then proceeded to teach a more advanced session on Ho Sin Sul. Master Galarraga also conducted a degree examination test for Mr. John Riordan. Mr. Riordan is one of Master Daltons first students (since 1986) and is Vice President of the IUTF. He was put through a thorough test which included a number of Patterns, Set Sparring, Free Sparring, Self-Defence, Power Breaking and a very intensive Theory Test.  Afterwards he was delighted to hear the news of his successful promotion to the rank of 6th Dan.

The next day Master Galarrga travelled to Dublin where he taught a sparring seminar, and worked on the valuable aspects of timing and distance. The class was brought through some different drills focusing on helping the student have a better knowledge of these two aspects of sparring. The drills were then brought to the pads and worked on there and then finally into to some light sparring. Having completed the workshop Master Galarraga travelled the three hour journey to Galway in order to teach his final Irish Masterclass. This session was again multi facetted, concentrating on tul, matsogi and ho sin sul. Every workshop was well attended and each one was entirely different to the others.  Master Dalton thanked Master Galarraga for his time and effort. He said, Master Galarraga is a wonderful instructor, his knowledge is amazing and his way is delightful. I am personally very lucky to have spent so much time learning from a true ITF Master. Thank you Master Galarraga for your inspiration and help, we look forward to have you return to Ireland again and again in the years ahead.

Some Comments:

It is a huge honour to test under Master Galarraga. He is one of the corner stones of the ITF and a true inspiration. Mr. John Riordan, 6th Dan.

Since joining ITF Ireland I have seen delighted by the high calibre of exponents being brought into the country. Master Galarraga lives up to his lofty reputation. He is the real deal. Mr. Terry Donnelly, 6th Dan.

Master Gallaraga is world class and world famous. To have him here in Dublin and teaching a Master Class is an amazing experience Mr. Jon Mackey, 3rd Dan.

It was certainly three on the best hours I have ever spent for so little cost. We are so lucky to have so many fantastic Masters coming over to Ireland to teach us Ms. Sandra Doyle, 2nd Dan.

Written by: Mr. Shane Fitzgibbon. - 7th January 2009

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