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The XIX the SENIOR ITF, X JUNIOR and II VETERAN EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO CHAMPIONSHIPS and II EUROPE CUP 2008, took place in July 4th to 6th in Cagliari, Sardea the current year. The event was organized by the ITF TaeKwon-Do Italy Choi Jung Wha Organization with the direction and coordination of the tournament comit composed by Master Pier Paolo Lecca VII Dan, Master Antonio Troiano VII Dan, and the International Instructor Mr. Carlos Martin VI Dan like Umpire Director. Fifteen countries participated in an event that arrived to Italy after the last edition made in Germany in 2006.
After the delegation arrival, the tournament started with the weight check for the different categories, counting on the collaboration of the Setar Hotel, that made available different rooms for meetings, and where the tournament committee made the logistic development of the European. 
After two days of arduous work, and once given the credentials for the access to the competition, the first stage arrived to the end.
The later days were used for the coach and umpire meetings. In first of them Mr. Carlos Martin, like head of referees,  make a brief presentation and being thankful to all the assistants by their presence, hoping to count their support looking for the success of the event. Making special emphasis in the behavior of the delegations took the word Master Troiano and Master Lecca, who showed the desire of the organizing comitee to work during the event with seriousness.  The umpire meeting took place after, where all the existing doubts could be clarified and where the umpire  director ask for a very professional job during the event.  The July 4th  started the competition of Junior in the modality of Tul (patterns) individual female and male with different podium positions between Italy, Germany, England, Scotland and  Croatia, emphasizing the greater amount of gold medals obtained by Italy.
During the sparring categories the audience could see exciting fights where the referees took care in the control of the contact. In the Junior competition highlight the overall winners female and male Missis  Anastasia Atzeni and Mr. Alessio Esposito. Finalized the individual competition Junior, took step to the senior ones in the categories of Tul (patterns), where the level demonstrated by the competitors granted the best results to the competitors of Germany, Walles, Holland, Italy and England in females; and for the male  competition to Italy, Spain and England.
The individual sparring categories were of a high level forcing to the referees to lend special attention to avoid errors. To emphasize the work of the tournament committee that make an arduous work for the improvement of the umpire level. It is necesary to highlight the overall winners senior to Missis Melania Fiorentino (Italy) and Mr. Richard Belle (England).  The second day started the team competition for JUNIOR, SENIOR and VETERAN. The outstanding categories in Juniors sparring where the Irish (gold) against the Italians, leaving third place to Croatia.  The male category podium were to England against Italy, and third place to Ireland.  In the categories of senior highlighted the final of team patterns between Spain and Italy, were Spain won the european title against Italy, repeating the final of 2006. In sparring the experience of the England team were enagh for beat to Holland in a hard final, being third Ireland and Italy. Highlighting the semifinal between England and Ireland where it was necessary to arrived to the extra match to find a winner.  The following phase of competition took step to the veterans. In the categories of Tul, higlighting to Mr. Stefano Bulla of Italy that won in the final against Mr. Chris Mac Cabe of Ireland, repeating final in sparring up to 80kg with equal result. Special mention for Master John Svendsen of Norway that won in sparring over 80 kg, special and power techniques.
The last stage of the European Junior and Senior was dedicated to the breaking techniques, individual and team competiton, where this last one counted on the presence of the TV cameras which didnt want to lose the opportunity to offer the final outcome between Italy and England, where the Italians won the european title. 
During the event it was possible to enjoyed a spectacle offered by Grupo Folk Di Sestu, that went catching the public with a typical dance brightened up with the sound of the most typical instrument of the locality Launeddas into the hands of the international master Luigi Lai.  The awards ceremony counted on the collaboration of Master Wolf of England that congratulate one by one to the winners.  During the closing ceremony  the tournament comit by words of Master Pier Paolo Lecca and Master Antonio Troiano, with the translation of Mr. Carlos Martin, thanked specially the work of the umpires during all the days of competition. Also they thanked for the behavior of the delegations and the public, that at any moment maintained the correction during the tournament.
July 6th took place the Europe Cup with participants divided between grades and ages from 7 years and up. The small champions made the delights of the public. From white belt to black belts  made of the last day, a celebration for taekwon-do, in Italy. Highliting the umpire collaboration of the competitors of previous days that were added to the umpire team directed by the tournament committee. The championships was developed with total normality arriving  at its term in the time established with the awards ceremony in hands of Master Troiano and Master Wolf, who with patience guided the small ones to the podium.
The new final gratefulness to all the assistants, supporters and competitors, and to all the delegations moved from the different countries to participate in the Europe Cup. 
Press Dep.. European TKD Championships
Cagliari Italy 2008

Written by: European TKD Championships - 4th September 2008

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