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Master Class Seminar in Reno
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The seminar started with a warm reception for our President Choi Jung Hwa. Whilst he changed into his dobok the warm up was left to Master Rai. If anyone has ever endure one of these before you''ll understand that we were more than prepared for the day''s seminar.

It was then straight into patterns with Chon-JI Tul. Master Choi stressed the importance of the understanding of the phrase "Once we know one thing through and through, then we know everything". His point was that the punch performed in Chon-Ji Tul is the same as the punch performed in Tong-Il Tul. Therefore, if we could get the right power, body movement and acceleration in Chon-Ji then we could do the same in Tong Il regardless of what grade we are because the fundamentals are the same. Each pattern performed fell back on this premise as particular movements in which maximum, but natural body movement could be utilised was scrutinised and practiced in isolation. It was a real treat to see Master Choi so animated as he demonstrated the best way to generate power.

Patterns were not the only focus of the seminar as punching and kicking were also discussed and practiced. Master Choi was keen to highlight the reasoning of our techniques with the one punch, one strike, one kick theory. We put sparring/self defence techniques together as we committed ourselves entirely to the technique to devastate our opponents. Again and again we were reminded of the need for acceleration in order to utilise body mass. It was hard work but at the same time enthralling.

Turning kick was the next area to focus on as Master Choi was concerned that the angle at which the kick is executed is getting smaller and smaller. He stressed the importance of opening the angle of the kick in order to let the knee swing on a bigger lever allowing the foot to follow through. Mr Reid demonstrated how much more powerful the kick could be if the knee and foot are allowed to come across on a straighter line. Although not personally holding the pad the sound alone confirmed that this was a much stronger way to kick. Once again, congratulations to Mr Reid who passed his 6th Dan on this trip!

A good day was had by all. Not only were we able to discuss and practice several techniques but we were also able to see our President and Leader demonstrate these moves in their purest form. An honour that nobody can deny.

Written by: Laurie Cornwell - 11th August 2008

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