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Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Singapore
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 Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Singapore

During the last week of July Island Taekwon-Do Centre was privileged to have the presence of Master Trevor Nicholls 8th Degree Black Belt & ITF Secretary General.   

Master Trevor Nicholls greeted club members on Friday 25th & Sunday 27th of July, and on Sunday Students both senior and junior were honoured to have Master Nicholls convey and reinforce the Taekwon-Do spirit and oath laid down by the Founder of Taekwon-Do, Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi.  Students were also fortunate to have Sundays class instructed not only by himself Master Nicholls but also by Mr. A.V.S. Bathi Allimuthu President of Xtreme Martial Arts (Malaysia).

It was obvious the enthusiasm and respect from our Club was high as over 40+ Students were present during the two days Master Nicholls visited Island Taekwondo.  Students were put through their paces and given instructions on both technique and fundamentals of the art of blocking and striking.  The use of the bodys natural kinetics was reinforced and to be honest also proved to be very telling in the resulting impact a strike or  block would deliver. 

As a new member to Island Taekwon-Do and a member from another country and culture, it is apparent that the morals and ethics associated with the foundation laid many years ago by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi is well entrenched within the Island Taekwon-Do Singapore club, this is a credit to my Chief Instructor and President of the club Mr Daniel Sng C.H.

I have been made very welcome, feel as if I have been with the club for longer than two months.  I thank all members and look forward to never giving up and learning from my Senior and Junior Members who have also occupied the same spirit and who are now worthy instructors and mentors.

It was again a great pleasure to meet both Master Nicholls and Mr Bathi Allimuthu and the Students of Island Taekwon-Do Centre convey their sincere gratitude.  

My sincere thanks for the opportunity to convey this short message and I look forward to progressing further, meeting new students and passing on my skills to other junior members.

Written by: Mr James de Vroome, 6th Gup, ITF Singapore - 8th August 2008

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