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Master Rai Visits Pennsylvania, USA
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MASTER PARM RAI VISITS PENNSYLVANIA On the weekend of May 30 & 31, Master Parm Rai, VII DAN, ITF Treasurer and Special Assistant to President Choi Jung Hwa visited Mark Cashatts TaeKwon-Do School, Inc. in Souderton, Pa (north of Philadelphia). Cashatts dojang is a part of the United TaeKwon-Do Federation (INO #142). Dojangs of the UTF and the US-ITF were in attendance as well as a few independent dojangs. Friday highlights included Master Rai working out with a half dozen senior instructors followed by a nice dinner with lots of wonderful stories about the history of TaeKwon-Do. Saturdays seminar started at 10 AM with 54 participants who after the first hour were pushed to their very best. During the four hours, Master Rai gave instruction on fundamental movements, step-sparring, self-defense and technical applications in the patterns. Throughout the day, he focused on the proper use of sine wave and the acceleration of our movements to help us develop more powerful techniques. The participants ranged from age 7 through 70 and green belt through 6 DANs. Master Parm Rais passion for TaeKwon-Do and the ITF was an inspiration to all the participants and parents. Yet, he humbly admits that he is also still learning and that we are all students and that we learn from each other. The seminar ended with participants gathered around Master Rai as he answered questions and shared stories. The parents brought fruit and vegetable trays, along with some baked goods for refreshments after the seminar. All participants went home with a 5 x 7 picture of the group present that day, and some were lucky enough to get Master Rais autograph. It is international events such as this that gives all of us motivation through inspiration (and perspiration). One report came back to Mr. Cashatt about how a young student, who was losing their TKD fire and was in fact practically forced to come to this seminar, left with a new fire of inspiration saying, it was the best event I have ever attended in TaeKwon-Do, and hes still talking about it.

Written by: Rich Hollenbach, Cashatt's TaeKwon-Do - 5th June 2008

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