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Seminar in Slavonski Brod , city in Croatia near Bosnian border was one of best experience in our martial arts life. Master Sanders was bring part of korean spirit and traditional taekwon-do how practise in Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa federation. His wery big martial arts experience and good spirit is reason because peoples in croatian taekwon-do union from 19. april much more practise in our dojangs. On this two days seminar we was learning many things especial of traditional tehniques in taekwon-do. One day practise patern and one day practise self defence or hosinsul was complette what we need in this moment in croatia.

In history croatians taekwon-do students has newer problem with matsogi because there is people who have fighting spirit like  peoples who live many centurys near border with diferent imperials like Otomans and Old Romans imperial.

But we know that we have problem because missing litle things in taekwon-do techniques.

This missing and little mistake we would like changed how we will better competitors on big taekwon-do tournaments like Euro and World championships. Not only because this fact. We would like learn better techniques our students in future. Master Sanders would like helping our union on kind makeing technical seminar in taekwon-do. This is a big help for us and we was wery hapy because chance that practise two days with thruth Master from Nederland.

First day we was practise only patern  choon ji  to  ju che and techniques from this patern.

They was wery interesting for all students from croatia and bosnia.

On this first day they was 50 students from croatia and bosnia who practise in morning trening and after lounch trening and next days was 30 students on self defences.

Next day , sunday , we was practise and learn self defence techniques or hosinsul. Master Sanders and his a big experience in hosinsul was reason because on evenings demonstration open for public was full hall and missing free sitting place.

This is a wery good reclams for martial arts and taekwon-do and his progres in croatia.

Master Sanders and his asistent from Nederland mr Henk Zonsweld IV , president of Dutch taekwon-do federation , still in our memory like realy good peoples who would like help and know how can help croatians taekwon-do and peoples in this martial art.

We hope that this cooperate and friendship will be continius in future how we can one day be a complete and beter teachers and competitors in taekwon-do.

This seminar organising SEMPER FIDELIS dojangs from Slavonski Brod with leader and instructor mr Dominik Maduna IV degree and his asistent and dochter miss Sanda Livia Maduna II degree.

On this seminar participated in practise students from Marsonia Kuna dojangs with his leader mr Tomislav Djakovic IV degree, students from Sokol dojangs and students from other dojangs from Zagreb and bosnians taekwon-do students.

All this story we can finishing with constatation that was wery nice experience for all and nice frendships this few days. We hope that we can repeate wery soon.

Written by: Dominik Maduna IV - 4th June 2008
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Bob Borja (Taekwon-do Central) : 5th June 2008, 07:26

Mr. Maduna,
Thank you for reporting on this seminar.
Are there video clips on this event to share publicly?

Bob Borja
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