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Successful Grading to 1st. DAN in Darios TKD School
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Successful Grading to 1st. DAN in Darios TKD School, Gladbeck, Germany

After 6 1/2 hrs. hard examining by Examiner Dario Fimiani (4th.DAN) in theory, technique, fight and power test: from left to right:

Burkhard Espey 1. Kup,
Talitha Kunze 1.Dan
Merve Glec 1. Dan National Team
Ursula Kraft 1. Dan
Karola Kilian1. Dan
Daughter Kim Kilian assisted.

Convincing efforts, especially demonstrated in skill by Karola Kilian 50 years, Power Test with 3 boards 3,5 cm thick and Ursula Kraft, 65 years with an abundant knowledge of theory of Taekwondo that would astound many.

Written by: Jrgen Kariger - 2nd June 2008
[Comments: 1]

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Dario Fimiani (ITF - NAG President Dario Fimiani bei Kraft) : 2nd June 2008, 20:28

Super gut,war ein harter Job
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