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Hello to all ITF members....I hope everybody is doing well.

Today I would like to share with you some of Gen.Choi`s words which he gave to me during a trip we had together. He asked me what is your first name and last name. I answered rightaway. Thereafter he explained TAEKWON is our first name and DO is our last name.DO (THE WAY; right way of living) is used by lots of people and different organizations but TAEKWON is only for us.

However we have "-" between Taekwon and do others do not, they do not even know why. As you know Taekwon is the technical field and Do is the mind and spiritual aspect (based on the tenets of TKD) Therefore roots are very important as is tradition. That’s why we are luckiest people.

Thank you, yours in TKD.

 GM Han Sam Soo"


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Added: 7th May 2013
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