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Why were weight divisions introduced

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Sat 12th Apr 2008 11:41
Mr Snow

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I seem to re-call years ago NO weights in Tae Kwon Do sparring, As most should know we hold the South East Opens every year and we only have two weight divisions on BB's, I was wondering why did everything change with regards to weights? As surely if Martial Arts is about being able to defend against any attacker no matter how big or ugly he she is we are not exactly sending the right messageSmile
Personally our open weights section works good, I suppose it could go  pare shape if we had a quality would champion in as the lighter guy would get battered - or would he?
But then again there should be NO injuries if we are doing semi contact should there?
Why did weights get introduced was it for safety reason or what?
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Top Sun 13th Apr 2008 18:38
Joel Ashley Wilson

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very good point sir,
i recall that an Imperial tournament named "Battle Royale",
there was no divisions for the teams, strictly a 3-man/woman team regardless of weight and some cases, grade.
that made a very interesting contrast of sparring, some bouts were like lightning, others were more technical...
maybe there is a need to for an open division....
(i won't be taking part though!)
this is the beginning of something special
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