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Children in Taekwon-Do

When to Let Go.
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Tue 6th May 2008 19:38
Michael Boik
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Taekwon-Do has become very popular and parents see it as a good outlet for their children. Many children excel at it others can't seem to grasp it or are simply bored and don't feel like participating. How, as instructors, do you deel with a child like this? Would you unlimately have to tell the parent that Taekwon-Do is not for their child?


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Top Tue 6th May 2008 20:28

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Sometimes, it depends if the child is a messer as well as being bored with Taekwon-Do I will tell the parents you are wasting your money. I try to keep them all busy and active, making sure that all of them try take something out of the classes. Unfortunately some just don't have what it takes to be active in sport, you would find the same attitude from a lazy child in soccer or gymnastics. The X-Box generation is here to stay, thankfully some parents see the benifits of martial arts and help focus their children towards it.

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Top Tue 6th May 2008 23:20
Mr Snow

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Kids change there activities like they change there cloaths, When teaching kids I follow a principle where the beginning part of the class MUST or rather will be boring stretching and the syllabus to move throught the belts, Tuls and combinations etc, Middle part is always kick drills and the end has to be explosive and loads of fun, No matter what you teach they always remember the last part of the session and cant wait to return. I always look for the dudes you ask about and encourage them to get envolved but to be honest when you are flogging a dead horse its better to be honest the parents like this. Then again most parents these days believe there little johnny will one day be bruce lee even if they have as much co'ordination as a fish in our opinion.

I also think that if you teach TKD to kids under 10's it should not be ITF version as its to early to learn this at this age - We only teach ITF sine wave etc after 11.

only our opinion that this allows the kids to be kids then at 11 teach them the ITF ways.
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