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Should juniors have a voice?

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Fri 2nd May 2008 11:47
Mr Snow

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I have a question do you feel that because a person has a higher rank then you, are they always right ie should you just be quiet and never question your seniors?
I have always stood for what I believe in and said if I think somthing is wrong, and I encourage my members to challange things I may say as that is what 'NON POLICTICAL IS' My master was questioned many times over the years by me he did not like it - and his respect grew as he new I was not one to just say yes I accept that.
A wrong is a wrong and somtimes the seniors MUST be accountable for what they may say and have done, if you think I dont agree surly you must take them to the side and say so, this way you get a reason and you get a sullution.
Rank should not mean you can not speak out or ask questions as long as you do it in private and with respect in place.
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Top Fri 2nd May 2008 12:43
Michael Boik
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I think you can and should, but not during class and in a respectful way. We are all human and mistakes happen.



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Top Fri 2nd May 2008 13:57
Bob Borja

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Yes, juniors have a voice.

Seniors/trainers are human and therefore will make mistakes and also forget facts & information.

If he does not catch the mistake himself, but a junior does, the junior should bring it to the senior/trainers attention.  If at all possible this should be on a one-on-one basis.  However, corrections to a senior should be always tactful and respectful.

If the error was made publicly, then the admission of error and correction should be made publicly to those previously present.

If the junior makes, what he thinks is, a correction on the senior/trainer in public but then realizes he was wrong and that the senior/trainer was in fact right, then the junior should admit this and apologize to the trainer publicly in the presence of those previously present.

Publicly correcting a mistake made in public, though difficult, is a measure of ones integrity.

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Top Sat 3rd May 2008 02:24
Nick Malefyt

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Couple of quotes from Volume 1

Under the "Students" section #8

"Though a student is allowed to disagree with instructor, the student must first follow the instruction and then discuss the matter later"


"Both instructor and student owe a debt of responsibility to teach each other"

Student's do deserve a voice - without "student's" there can be no "instructor" - mutual respect must be given (at the right place and time of course).


Nick Malefyt, V Dan
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