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muddled up?

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Thu 5th Jun 2008 12:58

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Are our tournament safety rules in a muddle?

Bring back the question regarding tournament safety equipment and the style of sparring used in ITF tournaments.
Fact - ITF sparring is classed as light contact, NOT semi-contact
Fact - Semi Contact as known the world over is stop start points fighting
Fact - Light contact rules the world over specify closed glove of weight class 10oz
Fact - Light contact rules allow the use of wrist bandages for protection of the hand, thumb and wrists while punching.
Fact - light contact rules specify the mandatory use of the head guard.
Fact - light contact rules allow the referee to call a TKO by clean technique.
Now, granted these rules are taken from the light contact section of WAKO but glaring problems are highlighed from this for ITF rules.
ITF rules specify the open hand semi contact gloves, even though we are light contact continuous.
It has proven that these semi contact dipped foam gloves when used in light contact cause serious facial tears, which then raises the question why head guards are optional.
Taekwon-Do compared to light contact kickboxing will inevitably throw more powerful spinning kicks to the head.. again raising the question why head guards are optional.
I've heard ludicrous reasons for the following;
Wearing the head guard encourages hard contact Confused
Wearing the closed glove encourages harder contact Confused
Wearing protective wrist bandages encourages the wearer to hit harder Confused
Wearing dipped foam gloves encourages the wearer to hit lighter Confused
Apart from that, other ITF groups use the 10oz closed glove. It is important to remember the more padded the glove the more protection it offers. When you spar at a boxing club you will wear no less than 14oz gloves. So this really makes the argument of encouraging harder contact as moot.
Will the ITF tournament committee please see these holes in our rules!Thumbs Up
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Top Thu 5th Jun 2008 13:58
Mr Snow

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Hi Mr Makey,
You aint wrong with regards to this matter - We recently went to an ITF event and on the aplication form it read closed thinger gloves only - OK so we all ware Top Ten thats good but a few of our students had to purchase new gloves as theres were the DYNA version which are open, Only about 6 students. The problem was we get to the event and many have the ones our guys had, I asked the organiser he said it dont matter..... You can imagine the questions we had after due to we had said 'They MUST ware closed thinger'

The open thinger gloves are dangerous IMO and we should all supply closed as they are the safest in my mind. I was caught by a black belt with a cross punch in the eye about 8 weeks back the eye lid split and I looked like I had been hit by tyson. A few times I have been hit with closed thinger gloves same shot (Esp when doing hands only) and never has it left such a mess.

I am with you the rules have to be set and put in concrete me thinks.
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Top Sat 7th Jun 2008 18:43
Chris Peel

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Completely agree with everything that's been said.  I would much prefer to be puched in the face with a 10oz glove than any dipped foam glove ( that's not a request for volunteers by the way).  The lack of head guard protection completely baffles me.  Being governed by the BTC head guards are compulsary when we spar in the club, however when we go to International competitions in the ITF they are not.  Definately a step backwards.
Student safety should be paramount.  I would be interested in seeing any medical evidence that was used when the ITF made these decisions.
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Top Mon 9th Jun 2008 02:31
Michael Boik
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Maybe these things should be brought up to Master Galarraga for consideration before the next Championship. If you can make a convincing case maybe he will take the proposal serious and bring it before the executive committee.



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Top Mon 9th Jun 2008 10:21

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That would be a good idea Mr Boik. I hope he might be a member of the forum :)
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde
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