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Should ITF students mix with NON ITF'ers

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Sun 23rd Mar 2008 14:24
Mr Snow

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Should we mix with NON ITF people?
My opinion, we have always had open events in LTSI calendar and in doing so my members can see the difference between standards, it also helps finnance the events but some see this as sitting on the fence.
I ask as I recently had a long talk with a couple of Masters in the UK who said they feel everyone should be willing to work with NON ITF people as this will improve relationships between Independents and ITF practioners.
What do you think?
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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 14:26
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 58 Replies: 164
Wheres the poll gone, Dam I put another one on and it aint there ..... Booo Hoooo
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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 17:30
Bob Borja

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Yes, I think we should mix with non-ITF persons. We can learn from one another. We also can win some over into our organization(s) if they like what they see in us.

Why should we not mix?

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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 18:37

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I think it would be elitist not to. Maybe they shouldn't mix with us :)
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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 18:51
John Riordan

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We wouldn.t be where we are today if we didn't . We've learned so much from so many different people and made some great friends more importantly.
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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 19:37
Mr Snow

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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I remember oh back in 1990 just before our old org joined the ITF, We would say ah the ITF are this and that, Then in 1999 my first encounter with the late General at the BUTF seminar I was gobsmacked at ITF ways and him, He called me up to do a rather shaky Yul-Gok, I was hiding behind laods of Black Belts, He pointed and they dissapeared and I was left looking face on at him and shaking like a little boy, He said come you do yul gok.

In 1999 that was when the penny dropped, and boy has it been journey, Were still learning, The power, the tecniques and when G M Rhee IX smashed the bricks with ease on punch that was when I realised ITF was the only way to go. But I truly think mixing with outsiders helps us grow and learn new things. As Mr Riordan said we would not be where we are today.

We are not full members just affiliated to an INO group but we get all we need, Its the way to go if you want your own identity but want a link into the ITF.

Thats why I wanted to ask what you think? Shame the poll don't work it had some good questions that would let us see the wider picture and what others thought.

tae kwon

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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 23:19
Michael Boik
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I think it's a good thing in being that maybe these non ITF people had a misconception or a bad experience with the ITF and working out with them or going to their events may change their perception and they may join.


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Top Mon 24th Mar 2008 00:44
Nick Malefyt

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I think you are correct. We should mix with non-ITF students for the purposes of on-going recruitment.

For example I teach 3 - 4th dan's and 1 2nd dan - who are not in the ITF. I have known all of them for between 15 and 20 years as we were once all in the same organization. This year the second degree signed up 4 of his black belts into the US-ITF and next year he will most likely go with a school membership (he has about 80 students at his school). I am also pretty close with one of the 4th dan's. Of course my goal would be to see all of them join the ITF. May be dream building but it would add a good 1,000 students. But the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step right?

Nick Malefyt, V Dan
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