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Cabot Taekwon-Do (New Foundland) Hosts Mr. Mike Morningstar
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In September 2002, Cabot Taekwon-Do opened its doors in Newfoundland with 7 students. That November marked the first visit from Mr. Mike Morningstar for a testing and seminar. Since that time, the school has grown to 40 students and Mr. Morningstar has visited several times every year.

Cabot Taekwon-Do is a very close-knit school. Many students are good friends outside of class and we have several families at Cabot, parents and children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews. Over the past few years, students from Cabot have attended numerous tournaments outside of Newfoundland. We have been to the Can-Ams, Canadian Nationals, and Atlantic Canadas Best of the Best. We have also been to different International Instructor Courses both in Newfoundland and other provinces given by the late Gen Choi and his son Grandmaster Choi.

On his most recent visit from November 18-20 Mr. Morningstar tested two students for their black belts and had a seminar for all students of the school. Saturday morning consisted of a 3 hour-long seminar from white belt to black belt. It was a chance for many of the beginner students to meet Mr. Morningstar for the first time and they were all very impressed with his skill and knowledge. Mr. Morningstar did a short board breaking demonstration after which all the kids grabbed a piece of broken board and requested his autograph on it. They were quite impressed to say the least and cant wait for his next visit. That afternoon was the testing. Ms. Peggy Head who has been with the school since the beginning was promoted to 2nd Dan, and Mr. Jeff Butt, who joined the school shortly after opening, was promoted to 1st Dan. Both Ms. Head and Mr. Butt made all of us at Cabot very proud.

That evening about half the school went out for dinner with Mr. Morningstar, followed by a celebration at the home of newly promoted Jeff Butt. Sunday morning was busy also with no time to sleep in for those out late the night before. A seminar from blue belt and up was conducted. For the warm-up we played hand ball, Black Belts vs. Coloured Belts, the older and wiser black belts barely beat the younger coloured belts. Mr. Morningstar also did some one-on-one training with Mr. Winsor while many students watched their teacher being taught. Ms. Head said that it was well worth getting up early to watch them both train. That afternoon, Mr. Morningstar headed back to Oakville. It was a short but intense visit. Hopefully when he returns in February to test Mr. Winsor for his 4th Dan, the visit will be longer and perhaps some of his students will come visit us also. Everyone is welcome and we promise that it will be a memorable trip.

Written by: Allison Murphy - 29th November 2005

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