III. Znojmo open 2010
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We have pleasure to inform you that III. Znojmo open 2010 in traditional Taekwon-Do I.T.F was held in Znojmo, Czech Republic for the third time again. Therefore special thanks belong to all organizational committee, Znojmo So-San school of Taekwon-Do I.T.F., close cooperation with DDM Znojmo and Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association which is included directly into I.T.F. president GM Choi Jung Hwa, the son of the founder TKD gen. Choi Hong Hi !!!

Last days before the competition were quite busy and indicated that we can expect good event. More than 180 competitors from Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech republic, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia registered for the competition. So, at the end of Taekwon-Do I.T.F. season, general public have had the chance to see quality international competition.

Following clubs enlisted for III. Znojmo open 2010:
Austria  ITF-Austria 
ITF TKD Administration Austria Ariana Club
Bosna a Herzegovina TKD Klub Doboj
Croatia  Croatian Union TK-D Clubs 
Czech  TKD I.T.F. So-San Znojmo 
  TKD I.T.F. Hwa-Rang Jevisovice
  TKD I.T.F. Do-San Sumna
  TKD Joomuk Frydek-Mstek 
  TKD Koguryo Trebic 
  TKD Club Brno
  Taekwon-Do Sam Il
Hungary  Kondor ITF Klub Jszberny
Slovakia TKD klub Hong Ryong Sered 
Taekwondo Academy Slovakia 
 UKF Nitra

Friday June 2010 Majority of Clubs arrived and met in Hotel Dukla in Znojmo to undergo registration and coach meeting. The procedure run easily and in good and friendly atmosphere. Some coaches could not wait and went to sport hall to see preparing works.

Saturday June 2010 The day ,, D for Taekwon-Do of all Znojmo and South Moravian region. All organizational committee was already from 6AM ready to solve last open issues. Last registrations proceeded with competitors from Třebče, Croatia, ITF-Austria, Club Adriana, Sam-Il, UKF Nitry, Taekwondo Academie. And about one hour before beginning of the competition, numerous group from Brno arrived. Due to this situation, meeting with umpires together with the start was delayed for 40 minutes.Finally all problems were solved and all competitors and international umpires gathered Tatamifor official beginning ceremony. After brief preface the competiton started and continued with fast cadence to the end.For all the day, we could see quality performance on high level through all categories and events.First on program was Tul individuals in all age categories, followed byTul teams, by the way very popular among visitors, where teams from Czech ITF Associationdominated. First junior matsogi fights begun already before lunch time.

After lunch, both competitors and visitors enjoyed very nice show of girl dance group Dyns. In the afternoon on program was matsogi for individuals and teams.And as expected, the most spectacular part was matsogi team competition. This year, 7 teams from Czech republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia took part.

The continuance of the whole competition was perfect. The only negative point was extremely hotweather for the whole day which ended with heavy storm. We are happy to say that no medical treatment was necessaryduring the competition. Between competitors, actual medalists from European championship and European cup were present. Together with them, also competitors from other organizations took part.

Diplomas, medals to best three in all categories were handed down during the day. In the end of competition, best individuals and teams were announced and prized with cups. Thank to the Open international events, its schools, clubsand the whole Taekwon-Do community became more popular among people.Znojmo became well known not only for its good competitors and referees but also for organizing quality international competitions. 

At the end, one of our student, Radek Padrta succeeded in exam for 1st degree under supervision of Tomislav dakovic from Croatia.

IV. Znojmo open 2011, will be held in similar date and we intend to add also other Taekwon-Do I.T.F. disciplines like T-Ki, Wirok and team Hosinsool. I look forward to seeing you on next IV. Znojmo open 2011.
Taekwon !

Frantiek Macek
Prezident ČTA I.T.F.# 348

Finally, allow me to express my thanks once again to all organizational team, including all parents and students who helped with the event. Congratilations to all competitors of Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Asociation, for excellent achievements. Special thanks to all sponsors, namely Freeport, Znovn Znojmo, Čajovna and kavrna Oxalis, Fotop tefan Kovč, Cyklo Kučera and Podlahřstv Macek,

For more info see
Download: Results service III. Znojmo open 2010

  Fot Alan Malč, Josef Hrůza a Radek Padrta

Best competitors III. Znojmo open 2010
Senior M -  Jiř Matouek Koguryo Třebč
Senior F -  Magda Machovcov So-San Znojmo ČTA I.T.F.
Juinor M -  Sos Lszl Kondor ITF Klub Jszberny
Junior F -  Mikulicov Veronika TKD klub Hong Ryong Sereď
Childern M - Kandus Jindřich kola Taekwon-Do Do-San ČTA I.T.F.
Childern F -  Gabriela Novotn kola Taekwon-Do Hwarang ČTA I.T.F.

School order III. Znojmo open 2010
School  Country  Gold  Silver  Bronze  Points
kola Taekwon-Do Club Brno   CZE   8  13  9    59
Taekwondo Academy Slovakia  SK  5  6  3    30
Joomuk-Frdek-Mstek  CZE  5  3  3  24
Kondor ITF Klub Jszberny   H  5  2  4  23
So-San Znojmo  CZE   5    2  2   21
TKD klub Hong Ryong Sereď  SK  4  3  0   18
Croatian Union TK-D Clubs  HR   3   3  1  16
kola Taekwon-Do Hwarang  CZE   2  2 2    12
kola Taekwon-Do Do-San  CZE   1  3  2   11
UKF Nitra  SK  2   1  3    11
ITF-Austria  A   2  1  2    10
ITF TKD Austria Ariana Club   A  1  2  2  9
Koguryo Třebč  CZE 1  1  1  6
kola Taekwon-Do Sam Il  CZE  0  1  0  2
TKD klub Doboj  BiH  0    0  0 0

  I. Znojmo open 2008
  II. Znojmo open 2009
Competitors from the following 5 countries have during previous editions of Znojmo Open International fought for the medals:
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, 
  Italy,New Zeland, Slovakia.

Written by: Frantiek Macek - 19th July 2010
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Hennie Thijssen (ITF ROYAL DUTCH) : 20th July 2010, 00:00

This article outlines well the preparation and atmosphere of the tournament. Also a clear reference to the websites of the participants for more information. Kind regards, Hennie Thijssen, President ITF Royal Dutch
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