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    Hidden in the city of Umag, Croatia, between 26 - May 30, XX was developed Seniors, III and XI Juniors Veterans European Championship ITF Taekwon-Do. 22 countries met in the most important event of the ITF in 2009 in Europe.
The Spanish delegation led by its President (ITF Spain) Fernando Perez made a great role in that championship. Besides being the President of the ITF of Spain, the Sabonim Perez, led the event, along with the Master Dalton (Ireland), Mark Skyne (England) and Kevin McCabe (Wales). These are the people responsible for supervising and organizing all the championships in what is Europe. They were selected at the last meeting held in Saragossa during the month of March 2009.
The Spanish delegation was composed of the following sports;

Christian Oriolani V Dan, Leonardo Monreal III Dan, Maximiliano Montiel III Dan (FITE), Gabriel Leske II Dan (FITE), Marc Barnes and Laura Lupon I Dan.
The National Coach was the Sabonim Mariano Bechara V Dan.

Spain arrived on May 25 for controlling weight.
The day started on important days in all 26 categories of individual Tul and fighting.

Christian Oriolani imnagur event with the mode of Tul Dan V, ensuring a place at the end of 29 days with the representative of Wales in the final.
Monreal Leonardo and  Maximiliano Montiel made a great performance in the category III Dan getting the bronze.
Gabriel Leske meanwhile, reached the final of Tul Dan II, showing a great technique and safety.
In his first experience in an international championship, Marc Barnes won another bronze medal in Tul I Dan.


In the -71 kg category, Spain had 3 representatives (Montiel, Leske and Oriolani).
Maximiliano Montiel, was passed in the first round by the English competitor.
Gabriel Leske, made a great fight in the 1st round with Leon Bryone (last European champion), but the Irish could not overcome. Both fighters exchanged many blows, but the amount of warnings from Spanish competitor, led Lyon to be the winner.
Oriolani Christian, was able to overcome several rounds, facing in the semifinals of Moldova competitor. After tying twice, defined in the "first point". Oriolani connected and made a turn back kick (Dwit Chagui), while the impact moldavian a Dollyo Chagui to the body. Judges are preferred by the competitor Moldova. Oriolani won bronze in this category.
Lupon Laura earned her bronze medal in -58 kg.
Leonardo Monreal, could not overcome in the 1st round giant Croatian.

Day 27
Were the team competition. Spain was unable to overcome England in the semisfinal (Tul and Combat) and won bronze in both.
On breaks, he lived a nice time Spain win the gold after Breakages Power. First time in history that Spain win the gold in this form, with in a European championship. The Dolly of Chagui Leske and Yop Chagui of Oriolani put this country at the top of the podium.

Day 29

It was the duty of knowing if the 2 Spaniards who were in the final could rise with the gold medal.
In V Dan, after making the Tul Ge-Baek and So San, was unable to overcome Oriolani Kevin McCabe (Wales), after a failure quite equaled.
Leske could not overcome the English competitor after holding Choong Jan and Do-San.

At the awards ceremony, but Italy was the winner. Received the award for best delegation youth, adult and better nation.
Best Adult Championship competitors:

Women: Farigu Silvia (Italy). Won Gold in combat - 52 kg, Gold in Tul IV Dan, Silver in Power Breaking and Bronze Breaking Ability.

Male: Nicholas Gardner (England). Won Gold in Fighting -80 kg, Gold in IV Dan Tul and Bronze in Breaking Ability.

Spanish results;

Christian Oriolani

Silver in Tul of V Dan
Bronze in -71 Kg
Breaking Team gold
Bronze Team Tul
Bronze Combat Team

Gabriel Leske

Silver in Tul II Dan
Breaking Team gold
Bronze Team Tul
Bronze Combat Team

Leonardo Monreal

Bronze in Tul III Dan
Breaking Team gold
Bronze Team Tul
Bronze Combat Team

Maximiliano Montiel

Bronze in Tul III Dan
Breaking Team gold
Bronze Team Tul
Bronze Combat Team

Marc Barnes

Bronze in Tul I Dan
Breaking Team gold
Bronze Team Tul
Bronze Combat Team

Laura Lupon

-58 Kg Bronze in Fighting

We must highlight the excellent work in organizing the Master Nichols, Dalton, Marc Skyme, Kevin McCabe, Dino Denei and Fernando Perez. They made the championship had a good course.

Congratulations to all the Spanish representatives to its chairman and his coach for his great work. Getting to see Spain as a serious and high quality.

   Christian Oriolani "Let me highlight the work of Fernando Perez and the above persons.
I''m happy with the outcome of the personal. One always wants to first place in everything that is competing, this time was teamwork, which makes me very happy. But all the results are useless if you learn something. I learned a lot on this trip, I saw and met.
    I learned of the Italian delegation, for his energy and positivity towards their people. Group together and we all had a single goal, leaving aside the federal divisions, all for 1 and 1 for all.
    I saw where people won with the heart, as Leon Bryone (Ireland). Without speculating, leaving to the last drop of sweat in the ring. I saw two excellent competitors as much as Farigu (Italy) and Gardner (England). The first showed me technique, and head quality. The second I showed power, precision, their belief in fighting. It made me see that I have very much to work yet.

   I can not fail to thank two people who have been instrumental in my life and training. My coach Fabio Caiazzo, for guiding, supporting and supported in this championship. And my colleague Silvia Farigu, who passed me in all tournaments knowledge, support and energy. "

Cordial greetings,


Christian Oriolani R.
V Dan

Written by: Christian Oriolani - 2nd June 2009

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